Where do you do it?

Don’t panic.  Settle down.  This is perfectly suitable for children.

I was tagged by the gorgeous Gemma who was asked Where do you do it by another blogger, Bibsey

The idea being that you take a photo and explain a little about where you blog.  BLOG.   You see, told you it was clean.

And so here you have it:


this is where I blog when I have time to think about the post or want to concentrate.

Though sometimes I am naughty and blog when I am working.  I work from home so it is sort of allowed but it still feels naughty. This blog post, therefore is being written here:


No matter where it is though it always alone. I cannot do it with an audience.

How about you?  Where do you blog?




THis is my Day 10 entry for #NaBloPoMo where I have agreed to blog every day throughout November

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  • kind words – thank you.
    Comfortable sofa – me likey and very ordered desk, nice spaces both. I’ve got used to being watched – more time to myself would be great.

  • I have two main places: the sofa (don’t we all?!) and the kitchen table whilst sitting on an exercise ball. I read something recently about sitting for more than 2 hours at a time is bad for us so I thought I’d compromise by sitting on the exercise ball. Not sure if it’s doing anything at all, but I feel less guilty. 😉

  • I don’t ‘blog’ – although I’ve thought many time to myself that I ought to. I do sit at the computer desk for far longer than I should, and I don’t feel naughty about it, and the desk is in my living room. I cannot get along with a laptop so there’s no posting from the sofa. I’d include a picture, but I don’t know how!