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The lovely Kathryn over at Crystal Jigsaw asked a series of questions this week, inviting us to answer them.    I particularly like

Why doesn’t Father Christmas exist?

A sentiment I echo.  Ditto the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny please

So I thought I might ask you, lovely reader, some of my own questions in the hope you may answer them:

1.  Why do wasps exists?   They are pointless.  And have hot bums

2.  Why do we have nothing in the diary for months and then get invited to two events on the same night.

3.  Why can we now buy hot cross buns all year round?

4.  Why should I bother buying Christmas presents this year?  If the Mayans have it right we will all be dying on 21st December.

5.  Why doesn’t a watched kettle boil?

6.  Why am I seen as the the person who knows everything?  “where is …. ”  /  “have we got?”   I don’t know!  Go and look, you know where they live.

7.  Why does an alarm “go off” when actually it is going on?

8.  Why do I only ever spill food down my white top and never a dark one?

9.  Why doesn’t glue stick to the inside of the tube?

10.  Why is there only one Monopolies Commission?

What would yours be?

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