Window Wednesday — Surfers Bar

Window Wednesday and we are in Barbados,  at Surfers Bar


Window Wednesday -- Surfers Bar

It was sitting here in the living room in Barbados last year that I realised I had a bit of an obsession with photographing windows.   As I scrolled through my camera and phone I had taken so many photographs that included the frame and the view through them I realised I was slightly addicted.

And it was confirmed by the above picture this week.   I had photographed it last year but now I can’t find that pic and knowing that I now post about windows on a regular basis I wanted to get another shot.  Surfers Bar is down on a part of the island in Barbados that we don’t visit very often but earlier this week we were out on a bit of a road trip.   It is on the way south from where we are, near Oistins and the entrance to the bar is right on the main road.  It doesn’t look anything special at all.     The only reason we found it is because it is owned by the same people that own a piece of a land and a bar that was t called “my happy spot” for a number of years.

As we drove past Mr B said “do you want to stop there and photograph that window”, see the man knows me all to well.

As that would then involve a pina colada or two as well, who was I to say no.

When you walk into the bar it feels like just another bar, although one with a great feel and all wooden floors, turn left at the end, and go past the loos and there is one table, with this view from this window.

In fact there is no window.   Just the frame, but you don’t really need a window since it is above the sea and nobody is ever likely to try and break in.

As you sit at the table you just get uninterrupted views of the Caribbean and the occasional jet ski.

It’s a window I could sit and stare out of all day to be honest.


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