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If you are lucky enough to have always purchased your dream home or you are looking at the moment, you may be looking at a quiet space, or want to buy double storey house or a small bungalow, it may be that you are not yet thinking about how that house may need to double up as a work space.

At the moment many people are working from home and it’s important to set out routine and also have your home inspire you. Here’s how you can really make things work for you: 

Let Your Surroundings Inspire You 

Allow this quiet time (if you have access to this at your home) to really inspire you. Your home is most likely your haven and there are decorations and items around you that inspire most likely. Create a mood board, with photos and things that make you motivated to help keep your spirits up when you are stuck at home working in your spare room or maybe in your bedroom or dining space. It’s about surrounding yourself with photos and keepsakes of all the things you want, using crystals and candles perhaps and making the space work for you. There are lots of things you can do and keep around you at home that would not be permitted in your office, so why not look at the positives of that and embrace it. You may have a sense of anxiety at first, it’s common and sadly anxiety has a very negative effect on the body, such as night sweats, fast heart beat, feeling scared, jittery or panicked and this is not easy to solve but there are ways in which you can try and adapt to being at home. 

Keep Your Home Eco-Friendly And Be Eco-Conscious With Energy 

Working from home will naturally mean you are spending more at home from using more energy. We will use more heating and more hot water and probably end up doing more household chores. If you are conscious about how this may impact your home and your bills then you could certainly make some changes around the house. Limit your usage by having the heating on for set hours. 

  1. Eat Less Meat
  2. Use Paper Less And Recycle More
  3. Use Canvas Bags Instead Of Plastic  
  4. Start A Compost Pile Or Bin
  5. Purchase The Right Light Bulb 
  6. Choose Cloth Over Paper
  7. Cut Down On Energy In Your Home
  8. Use compost
  9. Recycle everything possible 
  10. Try to cut out plastic or save plastic and don’t bin it
  11. Use your microwave more as this will certainly help cut down
  12.  Grow your own veg – at the moment this is a great idea

Decorating To Keep It Feeling Fresh

Your home should be a warm cosy safe haven, a place where your tired mind and aching feet at the end of a long day, can retire to. Decorating your haven and creating a pristine space, whether that is just your bedroom or your entire home is a time when the little cogs in your internal design wheel start turning. Plenty of local shops will offer a range of home wear, including stationary, and even food with eclectic styles, and new things. These are the places that will also need the trade given the current situation. 

For a touch of distinction why not add some golds and silvers. A gold sphere tealight holder is a beautiful unique addition to any home or a ginger flower and patchouli candle from Pecksniff’s, which gently burns with a delicate aroma to cleanse any mind, and soothe, especially on those rainy disheartening days. 

Artwork is a brilliant way to make yourself feel happy and inspired during your home stay. A little bit of artwork is always pretty to look at and pieces of art really make a house a home also. 

Your home is your haven and it’s time that you started to appreciate its beauty because every home has the capability of looking and feeling great. During this time, you may want to really start making improvements to your home if you are spending more time there. It’s time to do this, and spring is always a great time to look at exploring new designs. There are many beautiful houses on the market to choose from and when you are looking, it’s always important to look at what you may need in a home, such as an extra bedroom or a designated space to work just in case you need it. It’s time to change the way we look at our home.

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