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MummyBarrow is an award winning blog run (mostly) by T who lives with her family in the south of England.  She started out as Mummy Barrow on Twitter ten years ago because she wanted to be slightly anonymous and thought that as she was a mum of three small children the name made sense.   Respecting her children’s privacy though she doesn’t really talk about their growing up so has wondered about ditching the name in favour of her own.  But as the postman now greets her as Mummy too it might be quite a wrench.
T describes herself as a person who knows things and people, but mostly people.   If you have chatted on line don’t be alarmed when you meet for the first time if T greets you with “I love your new kitchen” (which she did once to Lisa Faulkner at the Good Food Show, much to her husband, Bruce’s absolute horror) and asks after your poorly child, ageing parent or adorable dog.
Back when T had what other people call “a proper job” she was a PA for the director of the country’s top scientific institutions despite only having a grade 4 CSE in Chemistry.  She also spent time as a PA working for the Saudi Royal Family in Riyadh despite not speaking Arabic, being able to drive herself as it was illegal,  or to have a wee in the office without somebody going in to the loos to make sure there were no men inside.  After returning to the UK from her time in the Middle East T worked in the property industry and despite no longer working in it she still has a keen interest in all things home.
If you were to ask T what her greatest achievement to date would be (aside from having a hand in raising three magnificent twenty somethings) she would either mumble something about encouraging a group of bloggers to come together to raise over £80,000 in five years, and awareness of the work that Comic Relief do around the world or that she can now speak enough Arabic to get you a discount on that rug you really want in the Moroccan souk. Or of the day she found out that if you Google “leftover turkey and ham pie recipes” hers comes at the top of over 9.5 million results.  Though she also sees herself as such a terrible blogger that it took her five years to realise that post from 2014 was doing so well.
Now creating content online as a full time job T is never far from her laptop or iPhone.  Nor a cup of tea or a gin, depending on the time of day or her mood.
T is a firm believer in “staying in” being the “new going out” and whilst she dreams of hanging out in the coolest bars and restaurants she’s terrified of being on the receiving end of looks from other people that suggest she’s far too old to be there, or using the wrong fork to eat her starter,  so you are more likely to find her curled up on the sofa with a box set on her iPad, planning the next holiday.   T and long suffering husband Bruce love to travel so Bruce can  indulge his love of photography and T can indulge her love of bringing back bottles of gin instead of fridge magnets.   Her collection now exceeds 80 bottles and shows no sign of diminishing.
She’s also a firm believer that this isn’t a dress rehearsal so we need to live our lives to the full.  T makes sure she says yes more often than no and does the things that menopausal women often think they shouldn’t.   Like making snow angels whilst wearing a swimming costume in Iceland and posting the the picture on Instagram.
T dreams of one day getting their camper van off the drive (they have owned it for over a year and only managed two nights away in it.  Long story) and heading off to the coast where she can eat chips and makes cups of tea whilst watching the tide roll in and out.
She also longs for the day she puts a USB cable in the right way first time.

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  • Hi

    Just found your blog and as another blogger the wrong side of 40 (in fact just the wrong side of 50) the wrong side of 16, lover of food and another Mrs B feel we have a few things in common. It so good to find out that not all bloggers are in their 20s and beautiful. I have to say I love your writing style and have now subscribed and am stalking you on social media and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  • Oh they are my dreams too. The chips the tea and the usb cable that is.
    I love this about me page. I’m off to write my own now.

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