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I am happy to talk about advertising on Mummy Barrow but please bear in mind that I am fiercely protective of this little piece of the web.  If I am going to talk about you here then I need to love you.   And more importantly, think my readers are going to feel the same.

But before we go any further please note that all third party content will be labelled as such.  My disclosure policy has more on terms I will use but if you want me to host something for you with no disclosure on it then I am not the blogger for you I am afraid.

With that in mind please note I am not a fan of generic press releases.   Copy and paste really is not my thing.   It doesn’t engage readers and I am loathe to do it unless it’s something uber exciting.

And this is going to sound really grumpy and I truly don’t mean to be but:

If your email to me contains the words

If you accept guest posts

I thought this might be of interest to your readership

quality content

No Budget

Only pay £20/$30/25 Euro

Opportunity for me to write an article for you

Will most definitely help your site to harness a sizable amount of traffic (what does that even mean?!)

Just host this infographic, simply credit this <insert link>

We aren’t even asking you to pay us for this content

Allow me one link in the main body and another link in the Author section

The answer, I am afraid, is probably going to be a “no”.

Sorry.  This blog means a lot to me and it is not a dumping ground for generic content.  It is my space.  And if I am going to allow you a little piece of it then I have to really like that content, or know my readers will like it.

 If I am going to host this then I am afraid it IS a sponsored post and please don’t be offended when I email you my rates for such a post.   I will not be doing it for free I am afraid.  I get so many offers that there would nothing else if I accepted them all so I have to draw a line.  And that line is a brutal one about cold hard cash and also I need to know it is going to be relevant to my readers.   Every post is written with them in mind, before anything else.

I am sorry if that sounds harsh but us bloggers do know the value of our blogs and we do talk, so we know when round Robin emails come out all asking us to do the same thing, for the same small sum.    And we know our worth and what we will do for free, and for whom.   It has to work for us all, and a lot of the time those offers don’t work for my readers, or me, sadly.  As I say, I am sorry and mean no offence, I am just being honest.

This blog is now a registered company and I use it as a source of revenue so it is not fair to my clients who are prepared to pay my usual rates to do something for less than that.  You wouldn’t like it would you if I charged you a rate and then you found out I was doing it for a fraction of that.  So whilst there is often room for negotiation on my fees it has to work for all of us.   And I will even do it for free if I love the proposal.

I don’t tend to host side bar adverts, simply because my blog lay out is not designed for them so I am really sorry but I can’t do straightforward adverts.

Nor will I be blogging to enter competitions.  Well generally speaking I won’t be.  If the prize is something I really fancy then I might do but on the whole the idea of writing a blog post and promoting it for the chance to win an Amazon voucher is just not for me.     I don’t see how my readers are going to benefit from me spamming their in boxes with my idea for winning something for me.   Unless there is something in it for them then I am reluctant to participate.

If you have a product you think my readers will like me to talk about then let’s talk.   But these reviews take time and time is precious.   So unless I get to keep the product you are asking me to review it is unlikely I will do it I am afraid.   Sorry, but I get offered so much I have to draw a line somewhere.   And I can’t do a review based on photos supplied to me as that is not a review, well not in my eyes.

That said, if I find something and I love it, then I will blog about it.  And Tweet.   And generally shout about it for years.

I have a wide audience of readers both as subscribers and people who come from Twitter or Facebook (where I promote all links).  I have 10.6k followers on Twitter.    Plus I do spend time (and have plug ins) that help me get the SEO right so that blog posts appear towards the top of search results.

My Klout score is 69.

My blogs Trust Flow is 20, Citation Flow is 39.  My Domain Authority is 39 and my Page Authority is 46.

I won a Brilliance In Blogging Award from Britmums in 2013 for my use of Social Media and also another BiB award for my work with Team Honk in the “Campaigns Category”.   In 2014 I did the same with Team Honk at the BiB awards and also at the MAD Blog awards (nominated by peers, voted for from 10,000 members, down to 6 finalists from whom one is chosen by a judge to win).

So if you think what you have to offer me fits with my blog, let’s have a chat.   And I am sorry these all sounds really negative but I get dozens of emails every week asking me to do stuff for free.   I get bored of my own voice replying to them so it seems that having it laid out here is easier as I can just link to it.

Dont get me wrong, I love working with brands and PR or SEO agencies, but it has to work for both of us.  And more importantly my readers or your clients won’t get what they are paying for out of it either.  I have built up working relationships with a number of brands that I am fiercely proud of, I shout about them whenever I can, long beyond the initial “would you write a blog post about this” email.

Drop me a mail at if you think we can work together! Or tweet me:  @mummybarrow