Everybody loves a good rant, right?

And it seems people like mine and in fact, look forward to them.   So I thought I would start “Ranty Friday”.

Every Friday I will post a rant, something that has seriously hacked me off in the previous week ( so this could run for years) and will invite other bloggers to link up to it.    Their posts may be from the same week or they may be older ones from their blog archives, either way they will all be rants.    Though they don’t have to be “full blown rants” they can be a minor tongue in cheek grumble too.

Please do take the time to “blog hop” to other posts and show them some love by leaving a comment or two.    Or by nodding your head in agreement at them.

And the very clever Lady Briggs has made me  a special little picture for just this purpose.   If you are a fellow blogger, do grab the badge from my sidebar on any of my posts.