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5 Top Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe Playing Outside

As a child, you probably spent time outside building dens, making up games with friends, whizzing around on a bike or a pair of rollerblades – such fun memories! While playing is an important part of childhood, as parents, it can be worrying when your kids play outside. This fear, combined with our children’s obsession with tech, has resulted in kids spending less time outdoors.

To make sure your children enjoy playing in the fresh air, here are my top tips to keep your kids safe and help to alleviate your worry.

Keep them Protected

When it comes to playing outside, you may be concerned about be your children getting hurt, so take steps to make sure they’re protected. This could include supportive footwear, helmets and knee pads. Also, while your little one may love fancy dress, capes and princess shoes can lead to accidents outside. Make sure they’re dressed appropriately to reduce the risk. And don’t forget sun cream during the warmer months!

Arrange Supervision

When your children are little and playing in the garden, it’s easy for parents to provide supervision. But as they get older and start to play in the street, it’s not always possible to provide constant watch. Try to set an area limit for your kids and aim to check on them every ten minutes. For teenagers, make sure they know to regularly text you – they’re always on their phones, so it’s an easy request!

Teach them About Dangers

Although playing outside can be a lot of fun, it has potential dangers, so it’s important that you teach your children about these. Depending on the age of your kids, you’ll have to approach this differently, but make sure they know the basics about stranger danger. For teens and older kids, teach them about being street smart, and make sure they know to turn down music near roads and keep valuables out of sight, too.

Get to Know Your Neighbours

Sadly, many of us no longer live in communities where neighbours rally together. However, getting to know your neighbours could help to keep your children safe when playing outside. Invite neighbours round for a cuppa, especially those with children. Talk to them about your concerns and set up a watch group to help keep kids safe. Your neighbours can really help!

Create a Buddy System

Finally, one of the big worries for parents is that children can wander off, become lost, or end up on their own. Before your child goes outside to play, make sure they have a buddy. Teach your child that they are to stay together and not wander off, to help to keep them safe.

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