7 things to do in Windsor

You can’t write a “7 things to do in Windsor” post and NOT mention Windsor Castle, but after that what else is there to do in this historic Berkshire town?

Windsor Castle

Of course you don’t have to visit the Castle of course (I am ashamed to say I have visited Windsor half a dozen times and have never done a tour of the castle.  That is because I only live 20 miles away and I guess my thinking is “well it is has been there for a thousand years, it’ll be there for another thousand so there is no rush”, so I will one day.  If this is high on your list of things to visit (and let’s face it, it really should) then all you need to know about visiting, what’s on, opening times and prices is here:  Royal Collection — Windsor Castle

Windsor Royal Station

You might think that a station might not be a tourist attraction in itself but this one really is worth a visit if you didn’t arrive into it by train.  It was built in the 1850s and underwent a renovation to now include shops and restaurants, all of which are undercover.  It’s open from 10am to 6pm (11am to 5pm on Sundays).  You can find all the information on the stores and restaurants here:  Windsor Royal Station

Windsor and Eton Brewery Tour

This is the reason we find ourselves in Windsor this month have won the tickets at a charity auction in late 2019.  I have written a separate blog post all about the tour which you can read by clicking on the title above.  In short it is easy to see why this is now Windsor’s second top attraction, second only to the Castle.

St George’s Chapel

St George’s chapel is famous for the role it has played in many a royal wedding, but it is also a church that is open to anyone to attend a service, or to enter for a period of quiet reflection.  The Chapel was founded in 1348 and you can find out all about its history and royal connections when you visit.

Do a River Tour

There are various places around Windsor where you can jump on a tour, or you can even hire your own boat and sail under your own steam for an hour or two if you wish.  We haven’t done it but Windsor Duck Tours looks like a whole load of fun (we did do the one in London before it went out of business and loved it).  If you don’t want to do a tour then I strongly suggest that you just wander along the river, cross the bridges and check out all that is going on along this famous part of the Thames.   We found ourselves doing it after sunset, crossing over from Windsor to Eton over the bridge and looking down at all the lights, it was magical.   Definitely worth doing, and of course it’s free!

Wander around Eton

Obviously Eton is famous for the school that occupies most of the town but it also a lovely place to wander, especially if you love old buildings.  There are lots of antique shops and independent retailers all around the town, and a facade of gorgeous shops, one of which apparently dates back to the 1400s.  Definitely worth a mooch and a stop for lunch.  You can get there by walking over the bridge from Windsor (so if you have parked in Windsor don’t bother moving your car)

Have a picnic in the Park

Obviously this isn’t up there on the things to do in November list, but if you happen to be in Windsor over the spring or summer and the weather is on your side, then why not venture out into the Park and have a picnic?  Or bring your bikes and go for a ride.  There are lots of places to park and plenty of great spots for an afternoon picnic in the sunshine.    You can even buy stuff from the Windsor Farm Shop if you really want to keep the food miles to a minimum


So there you are, just 7 things to do in Windsor, none of them costing a lot of money, a few of them free.  Do let me know if you have any others!


Image of St George’s chapel courtesy of Shutterstock

Image of Eton High Street courtesy of Shutterstock

Image of Windsor Great Park courtesy of Shutterstock


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