9 reasons to ditch your car

9 reasons to ditch your car

Having a car is a luxury that many people around the world enjoy, especially in this day and age. However, do you ever find yourself wondering if having a car is worth all of the hassle? Yes it might be nice being able to drive anywhere you want, but do the pros outweigh the cons? Here’s 9 reasons to ditch your car.

Insurance and tax costs a bomb

Unless you’ve been driving unscathed for thirty odd years, and you’re driving the most economical car around, it’s unlikely that you will be okay with the amount you’re paying for insurance and tax.

You can become healthier

One of the best reasons for ditching your car is for your health. Many people gain a considerable amount of weight when they pass their driving tests and get themselves a car because the luxury of driving everywhere hasn’t worn off yet. Then it simply becomes easier to drive everywhere…

Finding a parking spot will no longer be an issue

If you live or work in the city you will know how hard it is to find a parking space, no matter how early you arrive because others would have had the same idea as you. Imagine not having to worry about where you’re going to park your car!

No large bills when you car breaks down or needs repairing

One of the worst things of owning a car is having to find the money to repair or replace your car when it breaks down. Instead, why not think to yourself “I’m going to scrap my car and put my money to better use!” – it’s definitely something to think about!

The prices of fuel are only going to increase

It’s a sad truth, but the prices of fuel aren’t ever going to go down because of the fact we are running out of fuels to put in our cars. In the last decade alone the prices of gas have risen by an unthinkable amount. Save yourself the money!

You’re contributing to saving our planet

Everyone is trying to be more environmentally friendly these days, and what better way to do it than ditching your gas guzzling car?!

Your bank will thank you

From fuel, insurance, tax, repairs, parking fines, car parks and more, your bank will definitely thank you for getting rid of your car. Imagine all of the lovely things you could have if you didn’t have to fork out for all of the above?

You could turn your driveway into something prettier

Let’s face it, a cemented driveway is boring. Not having a car means you could turn your front garden into something much prettier and more practical. Why not contribute to our planet even more and plant some trees?

Public transport often works out to be cheaper

There’s always deals when you bulk buy, and you don’t have the stress of having to sit in rush hour as the driver, only the passenger.


Have we missed any off the list? Let us know below!


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