A Cheeky review — Percy Pigs

Having reviewed bacon and sausages Cheeky was quite excited this morning when he heard that he was to review another pig product.

He excitedly got his Bag for Life and waited patiently to go shopping:

Off we go

There are a whole range of Percy Pig sweets to choose from, and even drinks now.  As well as the ice creams, which E and I got to review earlier this year.

Cheeky decided he wanted to try the drink first of all, it being October and 80 degrees.  They come in a great little handy sized carton that fits nicely into a lunchbox.  They come in packs of three and it is hard to resist drinking all three at once to be honest.  Not as sweet as you think they might be but they do taste exactly like the sweets.  A great mixture of raspberry and grape flavours

Dogs are not used to drinking through straws but the promise of such a lovely drink meant that Cheeky learnt quite quickly:


It wasn’t long before Cheeky was looking around for some more because the first one was finished:

More please

Next it was time to move onto the sweets themselves.  There are lots in the range.  From the original Percy Pigs to lemon flavoured Penny Pigs, Phizzy pig tails, Percy Piglets and now even a veggie version.

We bought a selection and Cheeky wasn’t sure which one to choose first:

Decisions, decisions

The piglets were interesting:

they dont smell of pig

However it was the original Percy Pigs that were the biggest hit.  We know this because they got taken to the rug to be eaten.  Anything worth eating for Cheeky goes to the rug:

This is more like it

So good that Cheeky asked for seconds:

So yummy

Percy Pigs have been a huge hit since they were introduced by Marks and Spencers in 2008 (they were around before but discontinued before being relaunched).  They now even have their own Wikipedia page and even a Facebook fan page with 250,000 members.

A resounding paws up

Despite there being a distinct lack of pig in this product Cheeky is begging for more.

Available from all Marks and Spencers stores around the country.

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