A Menorcan Sojourn — Day Four

Today we ventured over to Ciutadella.  The other major town on the island, at the opposite end from Mahon.  It might have been the capital of Menorca but lost out in a vote to decide who could call themselves the main town, though it is widely regarded as the religious capital of the island.


In true Barrow style we did no research on any of it before we left, preferring to just wander and see where we ended up.   There don’t seem to be any main car parks in major towns, there are bays on the sides of the road with clearly marked lines on where to park and plenty of payment machines.    We actually managed to find a space about a ten minute walk from the town in a bay that was free (and opposite a supermarket so we could stock up on supplies when we returned).

One of us had read or heard about a cafe called Cafe Balear being “the” place for lunch (see I told you we were disorganised!) so we headed there first and sat beside the water as we devoured croquettes and some of the most incredible fresh fish I have ever tasted.   We actually decided on this holiday that having no agenda was the best way to holiday, it is too easy to Google all the “must do” places or the recommendations from friends and then missing out on hidden places.    Strolling with our cameras, stopping to photograph the places that caught our eye was a gorgeous way to spend a few hours.

It felt like a very laid back place, nobody was in a hurry, and everybody we passed was cheerful and happy to pause as we tried to line up the perfect shot so they didn’t photo bomb it.    Lots of narrow streets with really interesting shops and restaurants leading down to sunny squares full of people eating lunch al fresco.

The town wandered it was time for the leisurely drive back (only 40 ish minutes) to our villa and a late afternoon dip in the pool.

A blissful day.

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