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Dream Barbados Home


On Monday night last week we had a barbecue on the beach in Holetown, Barbados.   The setting couldn’t have been more perfect.  Sunset.  A deserted beach.   The Caribbean Sea gently lapping onto the sand.   Friends.  Rum punch.   Fish we had caught the day before, served with barbecued butternut squash.

It couldn’t have been a more perfect spot.

Barbecue On the Beach

Even though it was in front of the building above.  A burned our wreck of a house that has been like that for as long as anybody can remember.  I instantly fell in love with it and seriously considered trying to find out how to buy it and do it up.

I have a bit of a track record with these sorts of things out here.  Remember this from four years ago?:  My Next Refurb Project   That is down on the south of the island and still in the same state.   This new house is right in the middle of Holetown, just between First and Second Street and less than five minutes from such landmarks as Angry Annies and Limegrove shopping centre.

Since Monday night I have spent hours working out if it would be a viable option to buy it and then run it as a holiday home.

I know it doesn’t look much at the moment, but look at the view that I made with my new favourite photo app:  Photosphere in Holetown  Isn’t that view just priceless?

I have plans for that large deck, re-tiling it but keeping it open to enjoy the view whilst lounging on a sun bed.    I am even tempted to keep the graffiti.    Who needs Banksy when you can have a Barbadosy?  I love the idea of keeping that in tact, I am a huge fan of street art like that and think it would be a good reminder of how the house once looked.

Holetown Grafitti

You might think I am over-thinking this but I haven’t even started on what I have planned for it yet.  For instance that piece on the right would be my dream kitchen.  Look, it’s huge


Okay, I admit it might need a bit of a Hoover but just look at the view.   I wouldn’t even need a dishwasher because standing at a window doing the washing up would be a joy.   It would mean knocking out that doorway and making the window the whole width of that area but it would be so worth it.

We could have a run of cabinets and work surface along that back wall and side wall, with more work surface and the sink on the front wall. I might even forego an eoven and insist that if you can’t barbecue it we are not eating it.   That might make turkey on Christmas day tricky though, I admit.

From the outside I am thinking it has at least three bedrooms, so it would be the ideal family getaway


This Loan Calculator won’t let me find out what the repayments would be on a the £3 million I am guessing this wreck will sell for.  It does tell me though that £25,000 over 7 years would be £350 a month.  Hmmm that would be enough to do the kitchen and maybe a lick of paint,  and I am sure we could get that back per night when we rent it out.

Anybody want to chip in for a roof tile or two and make this viable?

We could set it up as a “fractional ownership” type thing maybe?


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