Advent calendars, all with next day delivery

Let’s face it, I can’t be the only one who hasn’t quite grasped the idea that December starts at the weekend, can I?  Can I?  Anyone?  Bueller?

Which means I may have been a bit slow off the mark with advent calendars.   And I know that the cardboard ones I had as a small child aren’t really going to cut it.  Even the ones I had that were covered in glitter and that I thought were the absolute height of luxury, probably won’t stand up to scrutiny anymore.  Let’s face it, they didn’t stand up at all.

So this morning I have scoured the web looking for advent calendars that all still have next day delivery on them so you can order them in plenty of time, and present them with a “look how jolly organised I am” flourish on Saturday morning.

You are welcome

(PS before we start, the links to Amazon products are all affiliate links which means that if you do go on to buy them I will earn a tiny commission). 

This one is from L’Occitane and retails at just under £50, and claims to have £85 worth of products in it.  From a scan of them all, I don’t doubt that at all, it looks gorgeous.    I had no idea they did advent calendars and I am definitely going to keep an eye out for these next year.

The following are all available on Amazon:

This one has been rated really highly and I love that each day’s gift is delivered in a vending machine style little box, so you could re-use it next year if you wanted to.   Available from Amazon it is currently £30, down from £50 a few a weeks ago.

Also £30 this one has my name all over it.   Each day a new tea, individually wrapped in a special “tea brewer” pouch, is delivered.  We actually have some of these as we bought them at the London Coffee Festival a few years ago so I can vouch for how good they taste.  You simply open it and then pour boiling water into the pouch, wait for it to brew and then pour yourself a couple of cups of tea a few minutes later.   Great if you love loose leaf tea but don’t want to take a tea pot away for the weekend with you.

This made me chuckle when I saw it, and think “is there nothing they won’t turn into an advent calendar?”   Jam anybody?  And whisky marmalade for Christmas Day?  Yours for just £8.99.

I did think this was a gorgeous idea for younger friends or family.  For £25 you can buy a wooden train (there is also a Santa on his sleigh) with 24 doors ready for you to fill.   You could put a small chocolate or lolly in each one maybe?

Are you even an adult if you don’t have a booze filled advent calendar?     I got this one for Mr B last year and it went down a storm.     If is pricey at £89 but it might make a really lovely present for a couple to share.   Every bottle was fab, I don’t think there were any duds amongst them, with 10 reds and whites, 2 roses, one fizz and a port.    Pity the poor delivery person though who has to carry it

Finally, if you want to go traditional chocolate there are a whole load to choose from, including this one from Thorntons at £18.   I love their stuff (hello Alpinis) and quite frankly I would struggle to keep all of these until the 24th.   There might have to be an accident and they all vanish overnight on day 3.

Did you know you can also get pork scratchings in an advent calendar?    Well you do now.

All of the above are available on Amazon, linked to my shop front on Amazon is here: Mummy Barrow on Amazon

(and if that sounds slightly confusing I will explain.   As an “influencer” Amazon allow me to have my own shop window to show off products available on Amazon that I think you might like.  A bit like being able to curate stuff into my own shop.   I am not paid for that, and haven’t been for this post and I pay for my own Prime subscription.   If you do happen to click on the link and buy then I get a few pence commission from each sale.   Just wanted to share these for anybody as last minute dot com as me this year.   So now you know) 




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