Amazon launches a search for a new Christmas Story from an unknown author



They say that everybody has a book in them.    That we all have a story to tell.  For some people that book is still in their head.  Or maybe hand written in pencil, as Dawn French does.  Or maybe even typed out on sheets of paper that are then neatly stacked in a drawer.    Never to really see the light of day because the author is convinced the story is rubbish / will be rejected / not worth publishing.

Well if that is you can I point you in the direction of a competition that Amazon are launching?  Below is the press release with all the information you need.   And I beg you, if you have a story, please enter.    Or if you don’t have a story but love writing, or telling stories to your kids, nieces or nephews.  Put it in writing and send it off

What have you got to lose?!


– Amazon launches search for new Christmas story from unknown author – 

– To help celebrate the spirit of Christmas gift giving, Amazon will share the new festive children’s story with the nation for free on Kindle devices, as well the Kindle reading app for iOS and Android – 

– The winning author will be recognised with a prize package including professional illustrations to bring the story to life for a potential audience of millions, a £2,000 Amazon giftcard and a top of the range Fire tablet – 

Nearly 200 years since it was published, the Christmas classic A Night Before Christmas is set for a reboot as Amazon searches to find a new Christmas Eve classic – launching the career of an unknown author in the process.

The nationwide writing competition is open to all adult UK residents, with the winning story to be illustrated and published ahead of Christmas Eve. Alongside the opportunity to have his or her work professionally illustrated by esteemed artist Aless Baylis, the author will receive a £2,000 Amazon gift card, a top of the range Fire tablet and royalties from the book for years to come, following the initial five-day giveaway this Christmas.

Aspiring authors can submit their stories from 11th November by emailing their entries to to be judged by a team of Amazon books editors and the illustrator.

The winning tale will be turned into a book and published in the run up to Christmas to a potential audience of millions of readers around the world. Anyone will be able to read the book for free on Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets, as well as the Kindle reading app for iOS and Android, in the run up to Christmas, including for family bedtime reading on Christmas Eve.

“The fact that there are so many versions of Twas the Night Before Christmas available on the Amazon store is testament to the popularity of the story,” said Amy Worth, UK Kindle Content Director, Amazon. “We want people to continue to read this tale forevermore, and we believe that by creating a modern day equivalent, we will be able to shine a spotlight on the original and launch the career of an aspiring storyteller.”

Aless Baylis, a Brighton-based illustrator recognised for children design and patterns, commented: “I am really looking forward to seeing the range of stories from storytellers across the UK.  Today Christmas means lots of different things to each of us, so I am sure that we will get a really diverse selection of stories. I hope that together with the author, we will be able to create a story that resonates with readers for years to come.”

Aspiring UK-based authors should submit their 350-700 word Christmas Eve stories in English before 27 November.

The winning story will be made available on the Kindle store around the world in the run up to Christmas.

The story will be published through Kindle Direct Publishing, Amazon’s independent publishing programme, which enables authors to retain their copyrights, keep control, distribute globally, and earn royalties of up to 70%.  The author will be enrolled into KDP Select, meaning that their book will be available through Kindle Unlimited.


The competition is now open for entries. For more information, writers can visit:

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