An Open Letter

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Dear Politician / Footballer / Celebrity

Just what is it that you think you have that makes you so special?  That makes you above the law?   That you think allows you to live by a different set of rules from the rest of us?

You came into the world the same as the rest of us and, therefore, deep down, you are just like the rest of us.  And you will certainly go out the same way.    The only difference is that you took a different career path.  One that has put you in the spotlight, either because you can play sport to an extra-ordinary level, can act / sing / dance, or are passionate about politics and therefore have pursued a career in it.

Chris Huhne / Arnie:   You two in particular, for different reasons and on different continents are both in the news this week.   Why are we even debating your speeding points, Mr Huhne?  You have been asked if you asked somebody else to take your points and you carefully skirt around the issue, spinning it so you don’t actually answer.   You tried to avoid three points when you were already at nine, allegedly, an act that was ultimately pointless as you then went on to get another three and lost your licence anyway.       Do you think driving laws don’t apply to you?   Do you think that your speeding car will miraculously bounce off a small child?

And as for you Arnie.  You have an adoring wife, three healthy children and yet this is not enough for you.   Not content to just have an affair behind your pregnant wife’s back but you go one stage further and father a child.  And then keep your child a secret from everybody but the mother for 14 years.    This has to be the ultimate betrayal for a child and for your own family and also the woman you are having the affair with.   Is she worth nothing more than a sex?   What do you think your “love child” (anything but if you ask me) is growing up thinking?   “I am not good enough to live with him”   “He doesnt love me and mummy as much as he loves the others”.

Neither of you thought about that, did you?  No.

Footballers, I don’t even know where to start with all of you.   I can’t even begin to name all the ones that have reportedly cheated.   For there seem to be so many of you.   You take your marriage vows, some of you to your childhood sweethearts, as in the case of Rooney, some of you to ladies you have met once you have “made it”.    Quite often those ceremonies are paid for by OK or Hello magazine.   They scream “Look at me, look at what I have”.

You say your vows, you have your gorgeous children, and then what happens?     You start to think you are above the law.   You stop feeling that your wife is important or worth being faithful to.

Not content with being paid millions by your club you get sponsorship deals.   Deals based on you being “family men”, “clean living”, “somebody for us to look up to”.    But actually what are you?   You are lying and cheating.   You are parading your children in front of the camera (we haven’t asked you to do that, by the way, you chose to do it) and pretending to be loving and caring family men.    Yet in your spare time you are paying thousands to try and keep your private life off the front pages.

Ryan Giggs, you in particular disgust me.   Whilst this was all playing out on Twitter / forums / every bar in the UK, what were you doing?  Were you at home apologising profusely to your wife?   Were you holding your hands up and saying “I got caught, I am sorry”?   No, you were instructing your lawyers to sue the world and his mother.   How arrogant, are you?   If reports are true the initial injunction cost you £50,000.   How much has this subsequent legal work cost?   Triple that I should imagine.   Enough to take your wife and children away on holiday to try and repair some of the damage you have done.   What started out as you trying to buy your privacy back has backfired spectacularly.  Who has won that battle?  Your lawyers.  Who is teh biggest loser?  Your wife!   Who, no doubt, will stand by you and forgive you.

We live in a time when news is no longer tomorrow’s fish and chip wrapper.  It is there forever now, on the internet.   What will your children look back on?   You parading them to the nation 24 hours before your name broke.    What will that make them think they are?  Pawns in your sordid game playing.     Where were you immediately after that?   On holiday with them, somewhere having a lovely a time?   No, I doubt it very much.  Have you spent any time thinking about how you have humiliated your wife?   I very very much doubt you have thought about that for one single second.

Hypocrits.   That is what you are.   All of you.    You make me sick.    How many boys grew up wanting to be footballers?    Why?   So they too can go to clubs and find women to cheat on your wives with?

I thank my lucky stars my only son hates football.  He neither watches it nor wishes to play it.

The sooner you all start taking a good long look at yourselves the better.

Feel free to tell me your side of the story.   Though I doubt you will say anything that will make me change my mind.    But I am willing to listen.

Yours sincerely


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  • Thanks for this posting. Brave and well thought out. Well, I would say that, I agree with you. And, ref footballers, these are people who, earn four times in a week what a nurse will earn in a year. And they want to manipulate society so that they can satiate all their appetites and not be called to account.
    Times running out on this. So much the better.

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