Autumn is finally here



Autumnal days

I ruddy love autumn.  It really is my favourite season.   Spring is a bit too wishy washy for me.  Summer is either too hot or too full of people moaning that it isn’t hot enough.   And winter is full of people scurrying about because they are cold, and travel disruption for Mr B trying to commute in London.   Autumn for me is the perfect time of year though.    We still have the last vestiges of summer with sunshine streaming through the trees, yet there is a crispness in the air that I love in the morning.

Dare I say it that I even like that dog walks in the evening now need a coat and boots and can no longer be done by just opening the door and wandering outside.   I love it.

It also means I don’t have to feel guilty about being inside.   I hate how in the summer we feel we have to be outside just because the sun is shining.  I don’t want to be outside squinting against the sun and getting hot in places we don’t need to think about just because everybody else is.  Heck I come back from Barbados virtually the same colour as when I left.  I like being inside.   I especially love being curled up on the sofa.   With a blanket, a book, a mug of steaming tea.

And a pie.

Yes a pie.   There is something deeply comforting about a steaming hot pie for dinner, isn’t there?

Higgidy Ragu pie

We got a new pressure cooker this week and one of the recipes is for a steak and Guinness pie.  I can’t wait to try that out at the weekend.  In the meantime though I have been tucking into a steak ragu pie from Higgidy which is hitting the spot nicely thank you very much.  So much so that I can’t even photograph it as the photos I took were rubbish and by the time I realised, I had eaten the pie.  So Annie kindly sent me one of hers.  Photos that is.  Not one of her pies, she doesn’t love me that much.

Higgidy this month are all about the sofa experience as they are launching a sofa supper club in London and Brighton.  They sound like a lot of fun to me!

What more could you ask for than a steaming hot pie and a sofa?!

Steak ragu pie with crispy potatoes from Higgidy is a Guest Pie ranges so don’t leave it too long before looking for them in your nearest supermarket! This month Higgidy are launching the UK’s first Sofa Supper Clubs, a unique dining experience that celebrates the season of warm fires, cosy suppers and soft sofas .   Higgidy Sofa Supper Clubs will be taking place in London on 30th October at Ice Tank, 5-7 Grape St, and in Brighton on 5th November at Caribou Rooms, 51 Brunswick Street East, Hove.



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  • Ha ha I do love you – but best we don’t ask each other what we prefer most ey? 😉

  • What a lovely view down the road!
    I think I’ve driven down there but can’t be totally sure.
    Any thoughts? xx

    • You may well have done. It is just up the road from Ellie’s school, going past a school called Ludgrove (which incidentally is where Prince William went to school before Eton, but I digress). It is a glorious bit of road to drive along on an autumn morning

  • No – my mistake, sorry. My road is not too far from Henley and it also goes downhill!
    [Like me!]