Back to School with the HP Envy Printer

You know what it is like when you get a new piece of kit, you stare at it for days, putting off the inevitable faff of setting it all up.

Well I needn’t have worried with this one.   The HP Envy Printer that we recently received to review was a doddle.   There are no wires or cables as you connect it to your home wi-fi system so you can print wirelessly, from any computer.    Well I say any computer, this one got “baggsied” by the youngest teen as it would appear that walking downstairs to collect printing off the family printer is “waaaaaaaaay too much effort <insert eye roll> “

What sets this printer apart from the others on the market is the clever pricing plans that you can set up, called HP Instant Ink Service.

There are three different plans to choose from, £1.99 is perfect for printing up to 50 pages a month. £3.49 up to 100 pages a month and £7.99 for printing up to 300 pages a month.  Once you have connected the printer to your on-line account it keeps track of how much printing you have done when you are running low it will automatically order more ink (you do have to register a credit card for the monthly payment plan to take effect and for more ink to be delivered).

Price Plans

Anything you don’t use will be rolled over to the following month, and if you have a particularly heavy printing month coming up (end of term projects for instance) you can change the price plan very easily.

Along with the next set of ink HP also send recycling envelopes to return the old cartridges.

I think this is a great way to print and alleviates that “MUM THERE IS NO INK LEFT” at 9pm on a Sunday night when there is frantic homework printing going on.   Which also means that excuse can no longer be used as to why homework hasn’t been done on time 🙂    Win win in my book.

And I have to say the print quality is superb.   Ellie has printed off some photos this summer for one of her textiles projects and the colours are fabulous.    Even when using ordinary paper as opposed to photo paper.

For a family printer I think this is great and would highly recommend it.

Available to buy from all good retailers, at around £70

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