Binge-Watch is word of the year


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According to Collins this year’s word of the year is Binge-Watch.  It could have been manspreading:  eugh.   Or clean eating: dull.   Binge-watching though, I like.   But then I would.  I do it all the time, and apparently I am not alone.  90% of us do it according to a recent study.


I do so much binge watching now that it has stopped me watching normal TV.   Why?  Well because I don’t want to watch half an hour, or an hour and then have to wait for another week until the next one.   I remember being addicted to Broadchurch, building my Monday night around it but then being so frustrated at 9.58 when it ended and I had to wait until the following week to find out what happens.   I was envious six months later when people said “Never watched Broadchurch so going to watch them all this weekend in one sitting”.   What?!  Genius.

I now do the same.   People are talking about how great Unforgotten is.  It’s on series link on our Sky Box, but we haven’t watched it yet.  Instead we are going to watch it all in one go.

We did the same with Breaking Bad, we did a whole season in a weekend, followed by the second and third.    We have also done the same with Fortitude, watching eight or nine episodes over a couple of nights.

When people tell me about a series on Netflix it is great to be able to dive in to it and gorge on it.   To really get to know the plot and the characters in one hit.     Jonnie told me about a show called “How To Get Away With Murder”, telling me I would love it as it is produced by the same team that do my other favourite show: Scandal.    In a week I have done a whole season.     In fact I did three seasons of Scandal in a really short space of time when I came late to the Olivia Pope Party.    I really don’t think I would have enjoyed HTGAWM as much if I had to watch it in hour segments.  The flashbacks in it would drive me mad, but when you are watching three or four hours at a time it works, and makes it much more enjoyable.

 The great thing about watching on Netflix of course is that it remembers where you left off if you last watched it on your smart TV and now want to watch on your laptop or phone.   Something I can’t do if I record something on Sky, so whilst I have recorded things like Unforgotten as I think Mr B will enjoy it, typically I am not just watching stuff online.  All in one go.

Working from home can be a lonely thing at time, I miss the hustle and bustle of an office.  I miss the banter and the noise.  Having a TV show playing in the background can make up for that.  Hence me being able to binge watch whole seasons in a week.    So next time you call me during the day, the delay in me answering the phone is probably due to me putting my latest find on pause.

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  • Worried that I appear to be first on the screen!
    Is everyone still in bed?
    This idea of yours sounds very good. The continuity would be a big advantage – Lady B achieves something similar by watching her favourite serial using something called “catch up”. There is an added benefit that advertisements are somehow excluded from the screen!
    I’m pleased that TV works at all – it’s a miracle!

  • I am resisting Netflix as I’m worried about contracting this binge watch virus.
    I think I must be the ONLY person in the world without Netflix.