Bingeworthy TV for April

As it seems to never stop raining I am finding myself looking forward to a weekend afternoon on the sofa with a box set and a cuppa more and more. But what to watch? Here is a list of things I have either earmarked for the next couple of weeks, or recently enjoyed just in case you find yourself in need of some inspiration for bingeworthy TV this month

  • We Were the Lucky Ones (Netflix): This limited series offers a poignant narrative of survival and hope during wartime, enriched by an excellent ensemble cast’s performance.
  • Scoop (Netflix): The story behind that interview with Prince Andrew.
  • The Regime (Sky / Now TV): From the makers of Succession, Kate Winslet plays Chancellor of a European Nation which is unravelling. To say she is neurotic would be an understatement.
  • The Cuckoo (Channel 5): Great drama with Jill Halfpenny that tells a story with a lot of plot twists. Being released one episode a week so you might want to wait until the end of the month to watch them all in one go.
  • True Detective: Night Country (Now TV): Dive into a chilling new setting with this season, featuring Jodie Foster and Kali Reis in a story that revives the existential dread and complex narratives the series is known for.
  • Ripley (Netflix): Andrew Scott stars in this adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s novels, bringing to life the intricate and dark world of Tom Ripley in a tale of deceit and identity.
  • Fallout (Prime Video): Inspired by the beloved video game series, this adaptation explores life after the apocalypse, where survivors face a new, complex, and often violent reality.
  • Dead Boy Detectives (Netflix): Neil Gaiman’s creation comes to life in this series about two teenage ghosts and a clairvoyant solving mysteries, adding a supernatural twist to the detective genre.
  • Mary and George (Now TV): A historical drama that delves into the power dynamics of the English court, with Julianne Moore leading the cast in a story of ambition, manipulation, and intrigue.
  • The Marlow Murder Club (UK Terrestrial): A cozy crime series that combines humor and mystery, following an amateur detective group as they investigate a murder in the quaint town of Marlow.
  • The Gentlemen (Netflix): This series picks up the narrative from Guy Ritchie’s film, focusing on the murky and dangerous world of the UK’s marijuana industry through the eyes of new characters entangled in legacy conflicts.
  • Love Rat (Channel 5): A psychological thriller about a woman who discovers her holiday romance is a scam, leading to a quest for justice and reclamation.
  • Coma (Channel 5): Follow the intense journey of a man whose life is thrown into chaos after a desperate decision to protect his family leads to unforeseen consequences.
  • The Twelve (ITV): Delving into the lives of twelve members of a jury as the sit in on a murder trial where the accused is the murdered girl’s aunt.
  • Traces (BBC1): Two series of bingeable TV following a forensics team

Each of these series brings something unique to the table, whether it’s a fresh take on established stories, a delve into historical events, or an exploration of fantastical realms, each of them offering diverse and rich storytelling. All totally bingeworthy

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