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Looking for a bumper Father’s Day gift guide? Or wondering what to buy this Father’s Day for your own father, grandfather, significant man in your life? Well this is the gift guide for you. I have a whole host of fabulous ideas, some of them under £10. Please note that these items were all sent for the purpose of inclusion in this gift guide.

Winston the Highland Cow — Red Candy — £74.99

Seriously, how adorable is this? I absolutely love him. He is one of a number of footstools that Red Candy have available on their website, I defy you to not fall in love with them all. He makes me smile every time I see him and sitting down at the end of the day, putting your feet up on him makes you relax instantly! All you need to do when he arrives is screw his four wooden legs in and give him a bit of a fluff and he is all ready for a lifetime of relaxing and smiles in your lounge. For this and all the other things Red Candy have in their Father’s Day range click on this link: Gear for Dad’s Den

Bluetooth Speaker — IWOOT — £27.69

This Bluetooth speaker definitely looks like you spent more than £27 on a gift. And that is because the RRP is closer to £50, but IWOOT are currently selling them with a whopping £22 off. A great little speaker that looks more like a piece of art, pairs to two devices and comes with a touch sensitive control panel.

Relaxation Candles — Cotton and Grey — £14.95

You know when you see something and you think “oh gosh I love that idea”? Well that is what happened when I saw these candles made by Cotton and Grey. They are a new company, started in lockdown as a gift idea for a friend who was struggling to relax and now here they are a finalist in Gift of the Year. The idea is simple, each box comes with an affirmation card, a candle holder, and 12 beeswax candles that burn for just 20 minutes. The idea being that for that 20 minutes you focus on the candle, your breathing, you doodle, you pray, you soak in the bath but you focus on the flame and the aroma and you relax for 20 minutes. It is such a gorgeous idea, I love it. They have boxes themed for thank yous, new mums, baths, meditation, chill out, bedtime, you name it and there is a beautiful little box of relaxation perfect for it. I will definitely be buying more of these.

Odd Socks. — IWOOT — £13.99

These odd socks are just one of a number of gifts on the IWOOT site that feature in their 3 for £30 range. There are also a number of £3 for £20 gifts too so it is well worth having a rummage and stocking up for not just Father’s Day but any birthdays later in the year. This box features six odd socks all in vibrant designs, all with a stressy head on them. Can’t think why I was attracted to them.

Clip Light — IWOOT — £8.99

If you know somebody who likes to read books late at night, this is perfect for them. Designed to look like a clothes peg, this light clips to the top of the book, shining light onto the text below. The clip is wooden and comes with an LED light (and two spare batteries). Perfect if your recipient likes to read in the early hours and doesnt want to disturb their other half. Can also be used as a torch.

Do A Ditty

Honestly when this arrived, I laughed out loud for a solid five minutes. I think it is one of the best personalised gifts I have seen in a very long timer. As Bruce’s birthday is just before Father’s Day I asked for them to do one for him, supplying them with some facts about him so they could get a feel for the sort of person he is. Obviously the more information you provide the more accurate the poem will be! It was then delivered as a PDF via email a short while later, ready for me to frame. You can also do them for weddings, birthdays, and any other occasion. I truly love it. And if you want to get one you can use MummyB15 for a 15% discount on their website.

Canon Selphy Compact Photo Printer — £160

This is such a clever gadget and will be a hit with whoever receives it. It is a compact printer that connects to your wi-fi, very simply, and then allows you print photographs almost instantly. I have talked a lot about how we need to not only take photographs but also print them out too. It is all very well having them on our phones but there is something about having them printed that makes them even more special. This prints out really high quality photographs on traditional 6×4 inch photo paper, almost instantly. We recently had a family get together and I have had a lot of fun printing off prints from that day to send to the people that came. I can’t wait to have the next get together and to putting in on the table to let people print their own. If the budget allows then this really is a special gift.

North Face T Shirt — £32

You can never have too many polo shirts in my opinion! North Face are a well known brand making top quality clothing and so this shirt would be a fabulous addition to any wardrobe! The fit is superb and after after numerous washings it has kept its shape and colour. It is also available in a variety of colours.

Notebook and Pen

Who doesnt love a personalised Moleskine notebook? And a beautiful Parker pen? I think this makes a stunning present for anybody who likes to write things down or keep a journal. Boutique Gifts who sent these to me have a whole range of presents for all budgets, but you can see the engraved pens here. The notebooks are around £20 and the pens start from around £10. There is also a discount on the website if you sign up and delivery is quick too!

Stabilo pens and Highlighters

Talking of pens, I mean come on who doesnt love highlighters or colouring pens? I know we all do and these will brighten up the dullest of desks!

Tile Tracker — from £30

I was thrilled when Tile got in touch and asked if I would like to receive a wallet sized Tile for this guide. I had reviewed their “Performance Pack” containing a wallet and keyring tracker in my Easter Gift Guide and had a lot of family friends asking if they could have it if I wasn’t going to use it. As if I wasn’t going to use it! Of course I am using them. This one however has now been bagged instantly. The technology is so simple, you download the Tile Tracker app, use that to activate the tracker and then attach your things to it. Lose them and you can track them in the app! It really is that simple. I love these. Available from Amazon, or from the Tile Website

Coraline Skincare — from £9.95

If you know me you know I adore a company started by a family with a real purpose behind it. Which is why I love this from Coraline Skincare. Started by Kevin and Liz when they realised their daughter, Coraline, had very sensitive skin and even products labelled as “organic” or “natural” made her react. Not only have they now created a range of organic soaps and skincare but 50p from each purchase goes to Small Steps she give children who need it (including little Coraline) a helping hand to take their first steps. This bar of soap smells heavenly and is gorgeous to use.

Danilo gift wrap and cards

Why not wrap presents up in paper that your little one will love, or send a personalised card? There are loads to choose from on the Danilo website that are guaranteed to make them smile. And who doesnt love seeing their own name on a card when you are only small?

I hope this gives you some ideas if you are stumped. If you are looking for something for a foodie then I have done a separate foodie gift guide that you can find here: Father’s Day Foodie Gift Guide

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