Canon 1300D — A review

The Canon 1300D is the perfect camera for a blogger.  There.  That is my review of this camera.  The shortest review ever.  But honestly, it is.

Canon 1300D Review

When I got the email from Mumsnet asking if I wanted to apply for the chance to review the Canon 1300D I couldn’t reply quickly enough.   You see I have a camera, one I am very fond of (it was a wedding present from Mr B, and the additional lens was this year’s birthday present) but it is eight years old now.   And whilst an eight year old, and indeed eighty year old, camera will still do what you want it to do there have been advances in technology that I was desperate to try out.

So for the past month I have been putting the Canon 1300D through its paces and I have to say I love it.  Or rather I love what it can allow me to do.

First of all, I can put my phone down.   I am constantly juggling a phone and a camera and for two reasons this is bad news.  First of all it means I am more likely to drop one of them.

Secondly it means I am taking photos on my phone that I then never back up or categorise.   I do it so I can share them online more easily but then when I need them for a blog post it becomes a dull process to find them.

NFC Canon 1300D

Which leads me to my next point about why I adore this camera.  Something called NFC.  If you have an iphone you will be familiar with this technology.  Basically it allows two things close to each to communicate with each other, wirelessly.  It is how “Apple Pay” works.   In the camera it means you can view the photos on the camera by using the “Canon Connect” app on your tablet or phone.   Either over wifi if you are at home, or in a coffee shop, or by connecting the two directly as the camera has its own built in wifi.

To have this built into a camera is, quite frankly, genius.   It meant that yesterday for instance, on the beach I took all my photos with the camera.  Then when we sat down to eat fish and chips I could connect the camera to my ipad, download any pics I wanted to share and save them directly to the iPad.   From there I was then able to edit and share to Instagram etc.

Fishing on Hayling Island

For me, as a blogger and social media addict this is a game changer.

I can also then share pictures with my granny for instance without the need to put the memory card into my laptop and lug that around to her house.   I couldn’t love this function any more and it is for this reason alone that I would buy the camera if I was out to buy a new one.  And will certainly be why I recommend it to other people I see in various blogger Facebook groups saying “I need to buy a new camera, any recommendations”.

Hell I might even stand outside Currys and heckle people on the way in.

I mentioned editing in one of the above paragraphs and the camera also makes that a doddle too.  It comes with pre-sets that change the settings depending on the location or type of shooting required (ie food, no flash, portrait, landscape, close up) and also a fully manual mode that lets the more confident amongst us be in total control.

The close up function has given me a new favourite thing to photograph:  raindrops on flowers

Flower with Raindrops

West Green Gardens

Flowers after the rain

National Trust West Green Gardens

And also taken my food photography up a notch by giving me that “nearest object in focus, rest blurred” effect which I could just never quite master on my old camera

Thermomix Jaffa Cakes

Plus it just seems to capture the colours brilliantly (that’ll be the 18 megapixels).  There is no editing on this pic, but look at the colours

Sunflowers at Jane Austen's House

At less than £350 for the camera, an 18 — 55mm lens and an additional 75 — 300mm lens it really is incredible value for money (especially as it also comes with a two year guarantee and free delivery).

Not only is this camera perfect for social media users, but for anybody who seriously wants to take up photography and have a camera that grows with them.   As confidence grows there is ability to move away from having it on auto, or using the presets, and once you have the camera body of course you can then begin to buy additional lenses and kit.

 It truly becomes a camera for life.

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    • < whisper > my other camera is a Nikon and I didn’t ever think I would stop using it, but this one really is a game changer and the wifi aspect is a brilliant addition.

  • Oops, just bought it, very excited! Thanks for the review, I too was fed up with juggling phone and camera. Sure I’ll love it!

  • Very impressive!
    Never had a camera myself, a fact that I’ve regretted from time to time. If I wanted a memory of a particular view I would buy post cards with shots taken by expert professionals who had possibly been there for hours or days with camera etc set up, stop watch at the ready waiting for the precise perfect conditions.
    But that was THEN!
    With progress such people are thin on the ground and the sort of shots you have taken are almost beyond belief. The roses are gorgeous – particularly the darker one – which appears almost brown.
    Ah well!
    Keep up the (very) good work! xx
    What might have been.

    • Times change though dont they and there is a school of thought that says you have the memories and that by living our lives through our cameras maybe we are not creating those memories but that our phones and cameras are.

      The photos taken so far have been incredible. I have some to share tomorrow from Cliveden (though sadly no scandal ridden pics, just trees) that are beautiful too.

  • Oh, I desperately wanted to get my hands on this one – it looked fabulous, and your review has just cemented that for me. Oh well, guess I’ll just have to save up my pennies 🙂

  • Oh my goodness. I am desperate for one of these! Thanks for a great review. My Canon is brill but also 8 years old… time for a new one. It’s on the list for Santa. (yeah right!)

    • Thanks for the comment. If there is any way Santa can get it to you then I know you would love it for years to come. It really has changed my approach to photography and made me stop using my iphone for pictures all the time too! I have it all crossed that Santa is listening!!

  • This is a really useful review, I don’t have kids myself but am hoping to get into blogging and your practical review has made me even more excited about this camera (which I bought half way through red wine bottle last night!) thank you!

  • Love your photos, Tanya! I’ve been a Canon girl for over 25 years (took my first photos with my uncle’s film camera in the early 90s – he had no idea my auntie was letting me use it!). I don’t always understand why people need 3 or 4 cameras: 1 bulky one for home, one for vlogging, one for travel, one for goodness knows what. All I use is my good old Canon and until a couple of weeks ago, all I had was a 50mm lens (no zoom or anything fancy) and I love love love it!