Celebrity Big Brother



noun, plural -ties for 1.


a famous or well-known person.

fame; renown.
1350–1400; Middle English  < Latin celebritās  multitude, fame, festal celebration, equivalent to celebr-  (stem of celeber ) often repeated, famous + -itās -ity

Related forms

non·ce·leb·ri·ty, noun, plural -ties.

2.  distinction, note, eminence, stardom


I copy the above as I am struggling to understand the word “Celebrity” in its context with this year’s Big Brother.  I have to admit that I haven’t actually watched any of it but Twitter is a buzz with it so I know what is going on, whether I want to or not.

So who have we got in the line up this year and how might they be classed as a “celebrity”:

Natasha Giggs

Nicola McClean

Denise Welch

Natalie Cassidy

Gareth Thomas

Frankie Cocozza

Michael Madsen

Kirk Norcross

Romeo Dunn

Andrew Stone

Georgia Salpa

Kristina and Karissa

and then Jodie Marsh

Now is it just me that looks at that list and says “who” thirteen times?

The word “celebrity”, as defined above tells us that somebody is famous or well known.   So let’s look at why these people are well known to see if we can understand why Channel 5 has deemed them worthy of “celebrity status”.

Natasha Giggs.  Hmm married to Ryan Giggs brother, Rhodri.  From whom she is now divorced because she had an affair with Ryan.   For eight years.   EIGHT YEARS she had an affair with her own brother in law.  I will stop at making any jokes about Big Brother at this juncture.   You can insert your own.   No inkling as to any career or reason for her fame, other than not taking her marriage vows seriously.   Famous for having an affair and nothing else.  Celebrity status 0/10

Nicola McLean  A footballer’s (the footballer’s name I don’t recognise) wife who is in regular Twitter spats with other people including the above.   As well as being a regular on these sorts of shows, appearing previously on “I am a celebrity, get me out of here”.  No discernible career of her own.  Celebrity status 1/10

Denise Welch and Natalie Cassidy Have forged their own careers and are hard working mothers so I will let them off.  But don’t get me started on where there children are or what they might be thinking about seeing their mums doing this.  8/10

Gareth Thomas  Again, I will allow him celebrity status.   Astonishing rugby player and a remarkable man who finally admitted to being gay after six years of marriage.   He has my utmost respect.  8/10

Frankie Cocozza  Now I have a real issue with this.   And it is the reason why I thought about writing this blog post.   I stood up in his defence last year when I wrote this:  Frankie is just a pawn.  However, it seems that nothing has changed for Frankie, he is making a career for himself out of falling out of nightclubs, being photographed with women, and who seems incapable of Tweeting without including a swearword.

By his being in Big Brother what are we telling our kids?   That you misbehave, as Frankie did on X Factor, and you get kicked off.  Quite rightly.  I don’t believe for one minute his claim that he left “to feel free”.   Don’t insult my intelligence, Frankie, I defended you.

But then what happens?  That behaviour is not only excused it is rewarded by your being offered a contract to appear on another TV programme in order that you display all the bad behaviour you are known for.   And you will be paid handsomely for it.

Big Brother is what, 10 weeks long?   I hate to think what Frankie is being paid?  Anybody got any idea?  I suspect it is probably over £50,000.

This makes me very uncomfortable.   Very uncomfortable indeed.  Celebrity status still 0/10

Michael Madsen I recognise.   Not for Kill Bill, Donny Darco or Free Willy.   But because of this picture (and believe me I have hundreds of these)

He took part in the Gumball Rally in 2010 and we were on the start line to wave every car off.   He was wandering around for ages in front of us.   And then I got distracted by Idris Elba.  But I digress.

So he can go into the Celebrity category.  He is full blown Hollywood celebrity.  Probably in reality the biggest celebrity in this house but also probably the one that most young people will look at and and say “who?  He is just some old guy” and that truly saddens me.  Celebrity status 10/10

And as for Kirk, Romeo, Andrew, Georgia, Kristina and Karissa  I have not the faintest clue.   I am assuming as the final two come as a pair, are blonde and pneumatically enhanced they are Playboy Playmates but as for the other four I would have to look them up.  Celebrity Status 1/10 to be shared between them all.

Jodie Marsh  famous for being famous.  And for being married for eleven seconds.   And for then being a lesbian.   And then for looking like a Pepperami in her pursuit of World Body Building domination.   5/10

And quite frankly I really can’t be bothered.

So all in all I think I have to disagree with the title of this programme being what it is.   Does this mean I have a valid complaint to make to Trading Standards?

Anybody got the number for OFFCOM?


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  • Celebrity Big Brother isn’t on for 10 weeks. That’s just the “normal” one.
    To be fair, out of the contestants there’s only one I haven’t ever heard of. That’s Georgia.
    So following the “a celebrity is someone well known” then I do think they all deserve to be in there.
    I often wonder what people expect from celebrity reality shows? Brad Pitt? David Beckham? Kate Winslet? Not going to happen.

    • Please. No I dont expect people like Brad Pitt. I am not stupid.

      I do expect people that are famous for more than sleeping around or falling out of nightclubs, drunk though.

  • When Richard Desmond’s Channel 5 bought the format, I knew we’d only have a short wait for the Playboy models and reality spods. Next series, I predict full-blown porn stars (forgive the pun) as it descends into further stupidity and vacuousness.

    Come back Sally Bercow, we need a woman with some wit.

    • Such a good point about Desmond Niki, I hadn’t made that connection.

      Yes come on Sally…. come back!!!

  • Admittedly, I watched the “launch” from about half way through (hadn’t missed much it seems). Like so many, had no idea who most of these people were. Unfortunately, though, now I do.

    With the exception of Natalie, Denise and Michael ( who must be thinking WTF, I’m not getting paid enough for this ), the bottom of the barrel really has been scraped (and I thought that happened last run).

    I hope Natalie wins (she had to act her pants off during the launch show) but I won’t be watching anymore episodes. Life is too short.

    • From what I hear, I would like Natalie to win too. Or Denise, a win for the older ladies!

  • I agree with your ratings of the celebs in the house.
    The Celeb in there should feel angry at being put with non celebs.

    the show is vile are really needs to be put to sleep

  • Completely agree with the Natasha Giggs / Frankie sentiment. Whilst many of the contestants are very far off being called celebrities – they are at least known for something other than shoving as much drugs as possible up their nose and for being a TERRIBLE role model to those around them.

    Natasha Giggs in particular – a woman that is only famous for sleeping around – with her brother in law, whilst married, whilst having kids.

  • I couldn’t agree more. The lack of ‘celebrity’ is a case for offcom and I think Natalie must be desperate for cash to abandon her child (isn’t the child’s father abusive and violent)