Choccywoccydoodah have a secret room

Did you know that Choccywoccydoodah have a secret room?

The best events I have been invited to since blogging have both involved this amazing chocolate shop.   I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to be invited to the launch of their Secret Room above the newly opened London shop.   But knowing my love of chocolate you can probably guess how loudly I screamed.

We arrived and mingled downstairs, admiring all the incredible cakes and then we were taken upstairs to the cafe. For cake, Champagne, or milkshakes.

This is as far as we got last time.   A stunning cafe serving all sorts of chocolate lushness.   And last time we were told that a secret room was being constructed on the top floor.  A room that could be hired in its entirety, for parties.    Parties that would come with chocolate and cake.   I immediately got a little too excited, hence my screaming when I got the email from Christine inviting me to a “bloggers tea party” that would reveal all.

Hardly surprising then that I barged my way I found myself at the front of the queue to be led up the stairs.   To a closed door covered in astro turf.

Now here’s the dilemma.   For there is indeed a dilemma.

Having seen the secret room I want to keep it a secret.   I don’t want to show you the pictures.  I want you to just go.   Go up those stairs, push open a door and get the same experience I had last month.

An experience quite frankly that took my breath away.  That gave me goosebumps. And then made me almost weep.

But then not sharing it isn’t fair as the Doo Dahs want us to share it with you so that you will go along and have your own party there.   As I will be doing as soon as I find an excuse for a party.  Do I need an excuse?

So here you go, I will let the pictures speak for themselves:


Right, are you ready for this one?  This is THE one.  The one that shows you exactly what this room is like.   Shows you just how magical and stunning it is.

An English Country garden, just off Regent Street in London.  On the third floor of a building.

Complete with astro turf and birds chirping.

Only the Christines and their amazing team could do this:

Did you actually just scream “Oh my God” out loud?  Did you mutter “woahhhhhh” under your breath?!



Copyright on all photos is Choccywoccy who kindly sent them to me.  No photo to be reproduced without their permission

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  • I’m as green as the astro turf, one day I dream of being invited by ‘Christine and team’ to view some more of the wonderful creations xxx

    • If I am ever lucky enough to be invited to another Choccywoccy event you must come as my +1

    • I think we need to organise a blog camp there on a Saturday afternoon. What do you think?

      • Love both ideas 🙂 give me a few months notice though and I’ll be there, need to save the pennies for train down xxx

  • Sweet baby Jesus. It’s my actual heaven.

    I bloody love Choccywoccydoodah’s TV show. My mouth waters for the entire programme.

  • A secret Choccywoccydoodah room!!! O.M.G. I would have died and gone to heaven and I often dream that if I had taken slightly different paths, I would now be elbow deep in belgian chocolate making incredible cakes with Dave and Tom.

  • And we all had the dream come true yesterday.
    Thank you for organising it, T. You are a legend.