The Eco Christmas Gift Guide

Some ideas of what to buy the environmentalist in your life are included in this gift guide.  Please note that some of them were sent to me in order to be included in the guide.

A swap box from Save Money Cut Carbon

I wrote about the last month and think the idea is so fab I am including it here.  You sign up to the club and then get access to discounted products, all of which have been listed on their website because of their green credentials.  Everything from loo roll to electric scooters are on there and it is a very simple way to begin making small changes at home to cut carbon, and save money.

Glass Straws

If you are anything like me you will hate paper straws.  Yes we also hate single use plastic straws even more, but paper straws are useless.  They just don’t work.  These however are brilliant.  Glass straws that come in a variety of lengths and come with a handy carry case so you can sling it (or indeed place it carefully) in your bag on a day out so you dont have to try and battle using a paper one.   Genius.   Packs of 4 are £12 and cases are £3.


Image of a water bottle courtesy of Shutterstock

Reusable water bottle

Two things of which I am absolutely sure: 1) we don’t drink enough water every day; and 2) we should all have a reusable water bottle.   In fact we should probably have several.   There is no excuse for buying single use small bottles of water when we have drinking water on tap, and can fill one of these several times a day.  If you dont have one then why not put it on your Christmas list, or think about giving one to a friend this year?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Beeswax Wraps

These are so simple to make that even I can do it.  In fact I did a couple of years ago turning some pieces of material I found at my granny’s house into keepsakes for my mum by coating them in beeswax I had bought cheaply online.   Such a good way to wrap food in the fridge or to cover bowls with leftovers in.  If you don’t fancy making your own to gift then you can buy them in packs online too.



Featured image made using a garland photo from Shutterstock

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