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Uses for coconut oil

I am a late starter when it comes to coconut oil.  People seem to have been talking about for years.  Me, I never really believed the hype.  Until I ran out of butter and remembered something about being able to use coconut oil, which bizarrely I did have.   I think I had read something about it and then bought some but never got around to using it.    Since then I have stopped using butter in waffle mixture, and have replaced it with coconut oil, pretty much with a ratio of 1:1.

It’s uses though go beyond baking and I am now realising that I can throw out pretty much every product in the bathroom.   It really is my new BFF.  And cheap.   So I  thought I would share with you some of the uses I have tried so far that have meant I can ditch various bottles and lotions in the bathroom and replace them all with one tub of coconut oil.

Here are my top seven uses for it in the bathroom

Make up remover

A small amount of this, rubbed on to the face, and then washed off with warm water is a chemical free facial cleanser that has left my face softer and smoother than it has felt in years.   It even works on removing waterproof mascara.

Shaving cream

I have been using this in the shower rather than foam on my legs because, well because our shower head doesn’t stay in the holder and by the time I have put foam on my legs and stood up I have also managed to wash the foam off again because the shower head is pointing the wrong way.  Coconut oil doesn’t rinse off so quickly so works brilliantly.

Cleaning teeth

This is sometimes known as oil pulling and has been show in research to break down plaque build up on teeth.  I should point out that it should not be done as a replacement for brushing teeth, but more of an add on.   Twenty minutes a day of swilling with two teaspoons is all you need.  And then spat out, all the toxins and bacteria that have built up will go with it.   Leaving you with not just a real fresh feeling mouth but one that is fighting tooth decay too.

Body Scrub

Mixed with brown sugar it makes the most incredible body scrub.    A really natural exfoliator that you simply rub on in small amounts and then rinse off.

Relieves cracked heels

It’s that time of year when the sling backs replace the Uggs and our feet clearly show they have been in socks and boots for six months.  Coconut oil rubbed into heels twice a day has them looking fab in no time.

Insect repellant

In my experience these all smell awful.

Helps relieve food poisoning

I have always been a firm believer in the flat, room temperature, 7-Up approach to sickness.   Recommended to me by a peadiatrician years ago it has never let me down when a family member is sick.   We rarely have 7-Up in the house though so have to make a special journey when somebody is suffering.  Not anymore.   2 tsps of coconut oil, stirred into water, can really fight whatever bugs it is causing the sickness and make you feel better faster.

These are just some of the nine thousand uses I have seen for it.  I also love that it can help stop dogs itching, I had no idea dogs loved it so much, Cheeky ate some off a spoon last weekend!

If you have a use you love do let me know!

Photo of coconut oil courtesy of Shutterstock

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  • I have also just discovered coconut oil so we are both late to the party! I use it for my nails which are really dry and brittle, it works brilliantly. I am def going to try the heels and shaving tips you wrote about, they are both really good ideas.

  • You can also try it for hair. Apply a small amount before showering and see if there’s any difference. If you like it you can then do a lot of masks or treatments for any type of hair.

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    With kind regards
    Carla Chr. Jonge Vos