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During lockdown we had to find ways to celebrate birthdays that took into account the current restrictions. Cote became my go to for birthday celebrations and in fact it was whilst sitting in the garden enjoying a Cote beef wellington on Bruce’s birthday that we got the phone call to say that our first granddaughter had been born. So when I heard in the midst of a dreary January that Cote At Home could bring a piece of the Alpine experience right to our doorsteps I knew we had to try it.

Alpine Comfort with a French Twist

Cote At Home’s Alpine Menu is a captivating blend of French culinary expertise and the heartwarming flavours of the Alps. The menu offers a curated selection of dishes that celebrate the rich and hearty cuisine of the mountain region. From cheese fondue to hearty stews, the Alpine Menu captures the essence of Alpine comfort food.

One of the standout features of this menu is its authenticity. It doesn’t just replicate Alpine flavors; it transports you to the snow-covered peaks with every bite. The ingredients used are of high quality, and there is a genuine commitment to preserving the traditions of Alpine cuisine.

Portion Sizes and Cost: A Taste of Luxury

The Alpine Menu offers a taste of luxury without the need to hit the slopes. The portion sizes are generous, and the pricing is reflective of the quality and authenticity of the dishes. While it may not be an everyday dining option for everyone, it’s well worth the occasional splurge for a special evening or a weekend lunch with friends.

A Culinary Journey to the Alps

Now, let’s dive into the most exciting part—the food itself. We ordered a selection of dishes to get a true sense of what Cote At Home’s Alpine Menu had to offer. Here are some highlights:

Cheese Fondue:

A quintessential Alpine experience, the cheese fondue was a melty, gooey delight. Served with an assortment of bread, saucisson, and new potatoes it was a communal dining experience that transported us straight to a cozy Alpine chalet. It costs £25.95 and is a decadently creamy and deliciously smooth melted cheese fondue made from Comté, Morbier and Roquefort cheeses, with Dijon mustard. Especially good with marshmallow toasting forks, though if you want the authentic feel you can buy a proper fondue pot from Cote too.

Savoyarde Tartiflette

This is a delicious combination of Reblochon and Comté cheese, smoked bacon lardons, sliced potatoes and caramelised onions served with a crunchy sourdough baguette. The Tartiflette luxe menu is £41.95 and serves 3-4 guests though to be honest we fed five and had leftovers. It comes with Bayonne Ham, Cornichons, and Sourdough Demi-Baguettes that you can bake at home to make them freshly on the day.

Pear Alpine Tart

If you have space for dessert (it is highly unlikely that you will although it does mean you can make lunch last all day by serving this a few hours later).  It’s a delicious almond frangipane & pear tart served with blueberry compote and costs £11.95.

Chocolat chaud

And to end the afternoon on an absolute high you can indulge in the creamiest hot chocolate you will ever drink. It comes all ready to warmly heat in a saucepan, with a carton of cream ready to whip, and a small bottle of Grand Marnier to drizzle in for that extra decadent hit. Costs £14.95 for four generous portions.

    Delivery and Presentation: Bringing the Alps to Your Home

    Cote At Home’s delivery service was flawless, arriving the next day. The food arrived in perfect condition, and the packaging was designed to keep the dishes cold and ready for the fridge with much of it recyclable. The instructions for reheating and serving were clear, making it easy to recreate the Alpine experience in no time at all.

    A Gourmet Escape to the Alps

    In conclusion, Cote At Home’s Alpine Menu delivered on its promise of transporting us to the mountains with its authentic and heartwarming dishes. The combination of generous portion sizes, well-executed delivery, and the unmistakable taste of Alpine cuisine made this dining experience a memorable one.

    If you’re seeking a unique and indulgent dining experience at home or looking to celebrate a special occasion with loved ones, the Alpine Menu from Cote At Home is a fantastic choice. It’s a culinary journey that allows you to savor the flavors of the Alps without leaving your home.

    Bon appétit and à votre santé!

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