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With all the cold weather we have been experiencing – is Spring really here?! – you have probably been spending a lot of time indoors. Naturally, that means you’ve noticed those unfinished bits of DIY and imperfect living room décor more than usual.

But enough is enough. You have decided to do something about it. Now you need a little help to create the perfect living room for you and your family. Assistance is on-hand!

Focal Feature

You may feel stuck with the layout of your living room. Without knocking down walls or carrying out major renovation work, there’s little you can do, right? Not true. Creating a focal point can transform your living room with minimal effort by changing your perspective.

Choose the area you would like the eye to be drawn to, such as the fireplace, or your living room’s large window, and turn it into a focal feature. You can do this with artwork, colour, mirrors or floor-to-ceiling curtains.

Colour Palettes

Colour is one of the biggest mistakes made in the living room. Often, people are afraid of colour and so avoid it, or else they use too many, making the space feel smaller. The trick here is to use just one colour, but in varying shades and tones. Then, add other complementing colours through accessories to achieve a relaxing and luxurious finish.

Investment Pieces

When decorating a living room, there are certain areas where you can afford to scrimp, but others where if you are able, it is a good idea to splash out. Knowing the difference is essential.

Areas to invest include a sofa. This will ensure high quality and longevity – no one wants saggy cushions! Also splurge on lighting. This is because ambience can make or break a living room, so investing in good lighting can make your living room feel brighter, cosier and homelier.

Storage Solutions

A cluttered living room is never going to feel relaxing. When creating the perfect living room, it is important to think about storage, to make the space look and feel effortlessly stylish.

A dresser or bureau can provide storage while also adding to the décor, shelving can transform an unused alcove, or choose a chest as a functional yet beautiful coffee table.

Textured Finish

You may have done all the steps above, but your living room still does not quite feel finished. Why is this? The answer is texture. Playing with texture can add the final flourish to your living room. Incorporate different fabrics (like cotton, wool, velvet and suede), through rugs, curtains, throws and cushions to pull your design together.


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