How to make your own gin filled Christmas crackers

Ever thought about how to make your own gin filled Christmas crackers?   It is surprisingly simple

When I talked about doing crackers with gin in, Mr B said “ooh I like that idea, especially the spicier ones as that would work really well with cheese”.

No, you muppet, not actual crackers, I am talking about Christmas crackers.   Gone are the days when we have a plastic thimble that wouldn’t fit on a small child’s finger or some metal links joined together that need to be separated “for fun”, no I am talking about Christmas crackers with a much more grown up theme.


Or indeed any other spirit you care to use.

You can buy cracker kits, complete with hats and jokes all over the place, all you need to do is fill them with your small bottle of choice.   Who wouldn’t want to receive their own wee dram of something?

It goes without saying that you need to be careful how you pull them as you don’t want small bottles flying over people’s heads, or over plates of steaming gravy, but done gently I think these really work.

I think crackers are sadly overlooked at Christmas and that with just a little bit of thought we can make them a bit more exciting.   You could even mix it up and give couples a mix so that one half gets a gin and their other half gets a small tonic.   You can also buy small garnish packs now so maybe one could get the gin and one the garnish.

The possibilities are endless!

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