Drugs Live on Channel 4

I scheduled this post earlier in the week as I knew I would have a lot to say about this project.

You know, the thing on Channel 4 this week where various celebs took part in a double blind drugs trial involving MDMA (or Ecstasy).

I wrote the title and vowed to sit and write it last night, scheduling publication for this morning.

I have very strong opinions on the trial taking place on TV and involving celebs and a “pure” form of the drug that has not been mixed with Ajax etc.   Glamorising the drug, I felt.

So I thought I should sit down and watch it.   After all, it is not fair to comment and potentially rant on something you haven’t actually watched.   Without the facts.

Wednesday night I did 5 minutes before I just got bored.

Thursday night I managed three minutes and we turned it off.   I just couldn’t watch it, it was so, well, dull.   I don’t know what I expected but Jon Snow as a host, presumably to add some gravitas to the whole thing just didn’t work and I couldn’t sit through it.   Now bear in mind that I did sit through Gok Wan’s new show “Baggage” for an hour last week.

I just don’t get it.   What was the point of this trial?   I am all for drugs testing, all for it,  but televised?  With celebs?   Using an illegal substance? Why?

I grew up with Grange Hill and remember well their campaign involving drugs

“Just say no”

Thank God I finally did.  (I mean no to watching it, not no to taking them.  I haven’t.  Oh you know what I mean)


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