Effectively Managing Your eCommerce Vehicles 

As an online business owner, you might fulfil orders yourself with eCommerce vehicles. For example, you could take florist orders online and deliver them yourself to save on fulfilment costs. Yet with this comes the responsibility of safe vehicles, good drivers and efficiency.

Incentivise Good Driving

Fuel economy and car maintenance frequently depend on how safely you drive. Bad behaviours like late braking and engine revving consume more gasoline than is necessary and hasten the deterioration of certain parts of the vehicle. However, encouraging safe driving practices in your drivers will help you cut costs on replacing broken car or van parts and increase fuel efficiency. This allows them to improve as part of the company culture. And gives you peace of mind knowing a car accident lawyer won’t be knocking on your door about a terrible incident.

Install GPS in eCommerce Vehicles

By getting lost or deviating from the planned route, your drivers risk wasting a lot of fuel and, consequently, cash. But this doesn’t have to be the case anymore. As always, modern technology can help you save time and money. Inaccurate GPS systems, for instance, are no longer as prevalent. Even free GPS apps like Google Maps have seen significant improvements. Modern systems can also inform your drivers of impending weather, obstacles, and emergency services activity nearby. With this knowledge, you can anticipate any situation.

Pre-Pay for Fuel to Save Money

Fuel is constantly getting more expensive. And there are no signs that it will slow down. However, it should only be used for commercial purposes due to the amount of fuel your organisation requires. As a result, you need a mechanism to monitor or restrict vehicle usage. To do this, you would need to personally watch over every vehicle, which is not practical. However, fleet cards could be used at gas stations. These are solely used for filling up, and companion apps let you manage and keep tabs on your spending and budget.

Use Digital Reports

Paper is not necessary these days. First of all, it adds to the cost. Second, it’s unsustainable, which harms the reputation of your business. Finally, it’s simply slower and more error-prone. Moving to paperless logbooks and electronic logging services may drastically cut the time and money spent on administrative tasks. Drivers can complete reports using digital services while driving, saving them the trip into the office at the end of the day. By going digital, your employees can focus on more meaningful tasks and use their time more productively.

Make Sure Drivers are Good Enough

You should evaluate the skills of your drivers in addition to the safety of your automobiles. Some might find this a little overbearing, but lousy driving costs you money. And one bad apple might ruin your company. As a result, it is advised that you evaluate your drivers:

  • First and obviously, ensure they have a clean and valid driving license.
  • Perform random drink and drug testing to prevent a severe accident.
  • Install telematics devices to get feedback on driving habits.
  • Assess highway knowledge with theory tests each year.
  • Go on a ride-along to check for bad driving habits.

Additionally, it’s beneficial to evaluate your drivers’ proficiency with each vehicle and understand local traffic regulations. Additionally, it is acceptable to periodically test your drivers for alcohol and drug use. You have the legal right to do this, and will possibly save lives.

Track Your Vehicles

Your vehicles are your property. Thus you have a right to always be aware of where they travel. Utilising modern tracking tools does not constitute employee spying. It involves being aware of the whereabouts of your automobiles. Consider the scenario where one driver has higher gasoline costs than the others. In that scenario, they might be operating a side business out of your vans. That is simply incorrect. You may also take precautions against theft. Global car theft is a problem. However, over 80,000 vans are stolen annually in the UK alone.

Use FLOWER Checks

The public’s and your drivers’ safety is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, your vehicles will eventually become damaged from constant use due to normal wear and tear. And specific systems can start to malfunction. As a result, it is suggested that you conduct a FLOWER check each day before a vehicle departs. It shouldn’t take more than five minutes to perform this easy inspection. However, it can save time, money, and lives compared to the results of not paying attention to your cars. So, check Fuel, Lights, Oil, Water, Electrics and Rubber.

Don’t Overload Your eCommerce Vehicles

Weight is very important when loading a car, van, or truck. Excess weight can damage a vehicle, and incorrect loading procedures will cause your vehicles to use more fuel than necessary. Additionally, obstacles on the route could hinder safe passage if your car isn’t safely loaded. For example, large items should always be dismantled to lower the centre of gravity of a vehicle. And you should always check your route for things like low bridges and rough terrain. These could be treacherous for your vehicles to traverse while carrying a heavy load.

Keep Customers Informed

When you pack a car, van, or truck, weight is very important. A vehicle can be damaged by too much weight, and if you don’t know how to load it right, it will use more gas than it needs to. Also, obstacles on the way could make it dangerous to drive if your car isn’t loaded safely. For example, the centre of gravity of a vehicle should always be lowered by taking apart large items. And you should always check your route to ensure there aren’t any low bridges or rough areas. Your vehicles could get stuck on these if they are carrying a heavy load.


Managing your eCommerce vehicles is a huge responsibility for your business. Costs, safety and avoiding legal expenses are just some of the reasons. Fortunately, you can help yourself by rewarding good drivers, assessing your drivers and keeping customers informed of shipping.

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