Embarrassing outfits or ahead of my time

Just Seventeen

When I think back to my teenage years my memories are littered with ridiculous outfits.   The worst offender is a pair of burgundy knee length “pedal pushers” (the term thankfully doesn’t even exist anymore and nor to those ridiculous trousers) that my granny made for me.   Teamed up with a little blouse with a burgundy ribbon, and burgundy lace up shoes.   I looked like a right idiot.   Aged 13.   Whilst at a family party where I desperately wanted to impress the 18 year old son of a family friend.

I should probably have had therapy to get over it to be honest.

Other offenders included the t-shirt above (though I am quite envious of those legs now.

and this cracking combination:

Jeans and denim jacket

Double denim.   Sweatshirt tucked into the jeans.  Rolled up jeans.   Socks matching my sweatshirt.    And rocking out a Lady Di hairdo.

Don’t even mention my dad’s dodgy moustache.

But back then, in the 80s I thought this was the dogs kahunas.   Over sized slogan t-shirts were all the rage.   So were rolled up jeans.   And I really loved that denim jacket.

Recently George at Asda asked  people to send in their childhood fashion horror photos.   They then created this blog post with some truly shocking entries!   Do take a peek.

It got us all thinking though:  embarrassing or just ahead of our time.   I definitely think the latter because when I look through the George kids clothing range and see what’s on offer right now it is strangely reminiscent of 1986, don’t you think?   (and only £9 for those jeans!!)

George Collage

There is even an oversized slogan t-shirt

Slogan T shirt

So I am definitely going with ahead of my time rather than embarrassing.

Except for the burgundy pedal pushers.

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