Extreme Close up — The Gallery


So this week’s theme is “Extreme close ups” on Tara’s blog.   I actually don’t have very much that would fit this description as I am a bit of a “snapper”.  I don’t frame shots very well or zoom in.   I just try and capture the moment, quickly.   And I didn’t want to take a picture especially for this.

This therefore is what I have found for you this week.    A photo taken right before a family go karting session in Wales back in 2007 when a certain young lady was only 9.

And for this I am going to be killed.

When a certain person finds out I have used this pic there will be fireworks.    Do I care?  Nope.  I love it and thought you might too.  Shame about the reflection in it, but as I said, I like to capture the moment.


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