Fifty Shades of Grey — A review

Fifty Shades of Grey — A review


Oh my God, T, you have to read this book

What?  You haven’t read this?  Oh you really should, it is amazing

Just two of the quotes from friends recently about a book that has caused quite a stir internationally.

Written by E L James it tells the story of a young woman embarking on a love affair with a successful entrepreneur who has lots of dark secrets.   Anastasia goes to interview Christian Grey and, well, they do more than talk.

It seems to be this year’s must read.   Starting life as e-book (presumably so nobody knew what book you were reading) and finally making it into print last year, this is the first of three books in the series.  Everyone is talking about it.

So I bought it.

Let’s cut to the chase.  If you know anything about this book you know it is classed as “erotic fiction” and there is no denying that there are bits of it that are, how shall I put this:  “racy”.  It has been dubbed “mummy porn” and two states in the US have banned it from sale.

And if you want my honest opinion, it should be banned from sale because it just isnt very good, not just in the interests of common decency.

The writing is so clunky it’s like I have written it to be honest, not somebody who has been given a book deal by literary agents and found a publisher.   Without the raunchy bits this book would not have sold.   Nobody would be talking about it at all I am afraid.    It doesn’t flow and the writing is just …. well, childish.

I could get into the morals of what I think about this kind of “relationship” and how I feel in his past Christian Grey was abused, or how I feel he is now abusing Anastasia but what’s the point?   Nobody is really interested in that.  It is the sex people are talking about.

So do yourself a favour and don’t waste you time reading all of it.   Just turn to page 115, read a few pages and then use it as a doorstop and go and put the kettle on.

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