Finally Cliff Richard gets banned from the radio

At last the Daily Mail publish something we can all agree with and if you are like me or my friend Tasha, you can rejoice at the news that Cliff Richard will be banned from a new radio station.

Absolute Radio are launching a new radio station later this month dedicated to the 60s.    They already have Absolute 80s / 90s / 00s / classic rock etc and this new addition to the stable is going to prove just as popular.

I am a huge fan of Absolute 80s and hated the fact I could only listen at home so bought a DAB radio for the car so I can listen when out on the school run or long car journeys.     The 80s is my era of music but I have to say I do love 60s music too and have been looking forward to this new station.   You can’t beat a bit of Motown when you are doing the Hoovering.

The one downside for me was running the risk of turning it on and hearing a bit of Living Doll or Congratulations.      The news this morning that Cliff has been banned has cheered me up no end.

His music is just tripe.   Utter utter tripe.   I hate it.

Tasha would say that Absolute have not gone far enough but that he as a person should be banned.   All his calendars / compilation CDs / DVDs of tours / films on BBC2 on a Sunday put in a box and destroyed.

In the article Sir Cliff accuses radio of “lying to the public” which, quite frankly is one of the most erudite things he has ever said.   I wasn’t going to say anything that could get me sued for libel but the Daily Mail go on to say:

The star — who has never married — said “what they are doing is lying to themselves….”.

I am surprised the Editor has allowed the construction of that sentence to stand.  His lack of “honesty” for so many years has always angered me and now to accuse a radio station of being dishonest is laughable quite frankly.

But at the end of the day the music is just rubbish.  It is not what Absolute Radio is about.   Listeners to Absolute are more likely to be fans of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones etc than Cliff Richard.

They should play what the public like, and if you’ve got a No1, it means your record is more popular than any other record in the charts, so you deserve airplay

Yes, Cliff, that may be true when the songs came out in the 60s, but not now 50 years later.

That is what Radio 2 is for.

Absolute Radio you know I love you and this just makes me want to snog you even more.



My Day 16 post for #NaBloPoMo where I have committed to post every day in November.

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  • I have to say I am looking forward to the new stations. Variety of listening is what to me absolute has always been about, this is why I have listened to no other station since I found its test transmissions on MW all those years ago.

    I find myself listening more to Absolute Classic Rock more than the other stations, but it is closly followed by Absolute 80’s. If I was to get a half decent bouns from work this year then I may get one for the car.

    My wife is looking forward to Absolute 60’s and 70’s as these eras are the ones that she relates to musically the most. (May also have to get a better DAB HiFi for home though)

  • I concur fully with the management at Absolute and your blog Mrs B! As indicated above, I don’t think they have gone far enough! I still have to take to my bed every time they show the pebble mill footage with the big earphones!!!! ….in fact I am starting to feel feint typing this!

  • It’s absolutely disgraceful and an insult to the King of RocknRoll/Pop about ur comments about him. On the contrary to what you think and say about him he is not a dishonest person. He is a very honest person. And to say hurtful and demeaning things about him like destroy all his calenders etc. is unforgivable. If you cant say anything nice about him then keep ur comments to urself ok? No one else on the planet is more successful or popular than Sir Cliff or has sold more records than any1 else, or been around for seven decades like he has, i should also point out that he has had more number ones than any other artist in History. Get my drift little Missy Barrow. You need to get ur ears adjusted.As for the radio station thats banned him well that shall change in the future. Until then me and all other of Sir Cliff’s fans will not be listening to the station. I do not agree with what they are doing. they dont know what they are doing, they wouldnt know good music if it hit them in the face. It’s just another way of getting at him. Buy hey what goes arounds comes around and they will get their just desserts in due course. To bann one of the world’s greatest artists and who has contributed so much to the industry and who has given so much of his wealth and time to charities is unforgiveable and disgraceful and i really cant believe that pple can be so cruel. If only pple had more love in their hearts for one another it would be a much better world.

    • “Little Missy Barrow” ??

      Oh that did make me laugh

      And this is my blog. I can say what I like actually.

    • Mary Jane
      An opinion. You have one, I have one and Mummy Barrow has one. They don’t *have* to concur. I’m sure you understand that, right? You *do* understand the nature of an opinion? Allow me to assist you…….

      1. a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.
      2. a personal view, attitude, or appraisal.
      3. the formal expression of a professional judgment: to ask for a second medical opinion.
      4. Law . the formal statement by a judge or court of the reasoning and the principles of law used in reaching a decision of a case.
      5. a judgment or estimate of a person or thing with respect to character, merit, etc.: to forfeit someone’s good opinion.

      Please pay particular attention to number 2, if you would. A ‘personal’ view, attitude or appraisal. I trust that’s clear enough? It’s a view that is unique to the individual expressing it. Number 3 would apply to said radio station. Number 2 applies to anyone – as in ANYONE. It is their *personal* view.
      You may disagree, and you’re perfectly at liberty to do so, but that doesn’t mean you’re right and the other opposing opinion is wrong. It just means that you disagree.

      There should be no ‘yeah, but’ or ‘no, but’ utterances. Sales figures have no bearing. Religion has no bearing. Charity work [Lotta work for charideee] has no bearing. Your every other banal utterance is irrelevant. Please bear this in mind should you decide to attempt social intercourse in the future.

      Thank you.

  • Who’d have thought Cliff Richard fans could use a computer…too far?

    I hate Anthea Turner as much as Mummy Barrow hates Cliff! It’s her party…etc
    That is all I have to say on the matter

  • I came across your blog when looking into all the fuss about Cliff’s ban on twitter.

    I think Cliff just has always had a great need to be taken seriously musically and is a great fan himself of great artists unfortunately he has developed a thin skin due to all the criticism of him over the years.

    Music is and always has been a matter of taste so he can’t expect to please all the people, all the time. He’s not helped himself by his career choices over the years where he has gone for populist over cool every time. Despite the merits of some of his music he is essentially the equivalent of a 70-odd year old Justin Bieber.

    Absolute60’s are well within their rights to say what they deem to be cool in that particular era. Its about influence more than popularity. How many great artists of the 70’s onwards claim to have been inspired by Cliff?

    All that he’s doing by making a thing out of it is showing how much he desperately craves credibility without having produced much of long lasting worth. He should be grateful that there he still has enough fans to provide him with a comfortable lifestyle and leave it at that.

  • As a child of the 80’s I’ve always though Cliff was the definition of the word ‘meh’, topped by the godawful ‘Millennium Prayer’ that Radio One rightly refused to play.

    Can’t say I’m too bothered about this ban, in fairness I’m not a fan of 60’s music so the new station won’t be on my radio anyway, but to call a man who was pretentious enough to change his name from Harry Webb the ‘king of rock ‘n’ roll or pop’ is frankly laughable.

    I’m amazed that his fans can use a computer anyway quite franky, let alone find Mummy B’s blog through Twitter! Social media has moved on from the days of ‘Cliff Richard Rules OK’ being scribbled on cave walls…

  • Right……..I have to declare an interest.
    I am Mr Barrow, and I fully support my waaaaf (technical term) and her right to express her opinions.
    I also have to say that I am no fan of Cliff Richard and his later diet of tripe. Oops, said it.

    HOWEVER, I think lots of us (me included) are not really aware of the part that Cliff and the Shadows played in early British 60s music. There is a quote on Cliff’s Wiki page (doesn’t mean it’s true, but it may well be) saying that a certain John Lennon said there wasn’t much worthwhile in Brit pop before Cliff and the Shadows….

    I paraphrase, but AT THE TIME theShadows were actually quite revolutionary.

    It’s such a shame his later stuff was ……..not to my liking.

    Anyone know where Carrie’s moved to? 🙂

  • Ha, Ha to all the Cliff haters, You have no clue yet do you that even though cliff is back sometimes singing, Elainee his cover artist is bringing back all his records and even has a TV show, So if you feel you are getting cliff gone, no chance Elainee an 80’s artist that was ill and now back is continuing the cliff Richard path into the future and she not only sings his songs but she also has her own same type songs. Lol, lol so Cliff and his songs and his amazing Female cover artist is here for another 25 years at least and this lady is hot and good, and well tough and not going anyplace for a long time
    So I laugh at you all as you going to hear them all over again for years, lol that is brilliant, serves you right, and should love all, so go get a life or watch out for the Elainee Big red bus. Lol, lol

    I read Elainee say, I care nothing if fans are haters as long as they are something, they are all my fans one way or the other and that is good.
    Lol, lol Love It Go Get Em Elainee xxx We Love You and Cliff


    • And?

      Do you really think this cover artist is going to appear on my radar anytime soon? Or on any of the radio stations I listen to? Or on any of the TV shows I watch?

      I think not.

      I think you need to go for a lie down in darkened room, RockerDave.

  • Did anyone know that Cliff has a Girlfriend, ohhh yesses, a Girlfriend!! her name Elainee, she is also the next big singer like Cliff,. Says reports I read, google her, I do like her as she has no attitude and quite cute and nice tone, shame Cliff got her first, however they do look good together, the only downfall she sings his songs as well as her own, so we will have to listen to them for another 100 years, if they get married, well that will be the sickest thing of the century as they are both so sickly bouncy happy,areeeeeeeeee I want to just hide, ohh noooooooooo.

  • I do admit to liking some of Cliff Richard’s songs despite not liking the man himself, ahaha, but some of the comments left by these fans are hilarious! Everyone is allowed to like or hate, who gives people the right to criticize you for it? Take no notice of the idiots MummyBarrow, they obviously lead very boring lives.

  • Elainee now claims she is the daughter of Elvis she had given up with the self proclaimed Cliff claims and has moved onto Rock and Roll royalty. She probably wrote a lot of thr blogds and claims herself. The above comments are similar in style to elvis claims. she has gone one further and is making money and has Det up websites so it looks like she is affiliated with Elvis Prrsley Enterprises. she has deleted most pre Elvis claims. But I love herclaiming she was cliffs girlfriend! Another ssaid she Could be cliff in a dress.

  • Nobody knows you so who cares what you think
    Millions of people like Cliff Richard’s songs so guess whose opinion matters

    • You seemed to care enough to spend time reading my post and to comment. Do you know how the internet works? This is my corner of it, I pay for it. I can say what I like thanks very much. You’re welcome to not come back.