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The FIrepod

I first wrote this post almost four years ago now and over lockdown we got pizza kits from a local company that had pivoted their business since they couldn’t sell hot pizza from their truck.   Having those kits delivered and being able to make and cook them on our Firepod really was the highlight of our week sometimes.  We looked forward to the kits being dropped on our doorsteps on a Friday and then having a competition between us to see who could make the best dinner (hands down, always Jonnie).

David from The Firepod contacted me a couple of weeks ago to let me know that they were now launching the Mark III to fundraise on Kickstarter as they want to make the pizza oven a global brand, and asked if would help spread the word.

So here is the link to the Kickstarter campaign, but be quick as the best offers are only available for a limited time:

The Firepod on Kickstarter


So in answer to the title, of course you do.  Who doesn’t?  And I say that as somebody who doesn’t even really like pizza.  But on Friday last week a man called David made two pizzas in less than half an hour in my kitchen and then cooked each of them in less than five minutes in our garden.   And Jonnie and I demolished them.  I may have had thirds seconds

How did he do it?

I am glad you asked.

He did it on a clever little oven that he designed from a scratch because he knows a thing or two about pizzas and wanted to have them on a regular basis.   And when he says pizza he doesn’t mean those thick based ones from Dominos with hot dogs stuffed in the crust that are more dough than taste and cost £17 each.    Nor the cheap ones you can buy in the supermarket that are massed produced and cost £3 each.  No.  David is talking about being able to make a pizza with a crust that puffs up, is crunchy, delicious and topped with whatever your heart, or stomach, desires.  Just like that one above

For just a few quid, and in minutes.

Red Firepod

The oven is called a Firepod, and runs on a gas cyclinder, much like your barbecue might do.  And in fact with the Firepod you could also use it as a barbecue because you can whip the top off, put in the griddle pan (also supplied) and set about cooking your favourite barbecue dishes.

Firepod Griddle

Firepod Flat Griddle

Where the Firepod then wins though is that it is portable.   You can put it in the boot of your car and take with you for a picnic on the beach, to a festival, camping for the weekend.    It comes with two lengths of legs, one that makes the Firepod about waist height on me, and another set that mean it is the right height if you are sitting cross legged on the ground outside your tent.   Imagine being able to cook a full breakfast or make a cup of tea in minutes, and then in the evening come back and knock up a few pizzas!

David arrived to give us a demonstration and brought along some dough he had made that morning and set about rolling it out, adding tomato sauce, grated cheese, chilli and pepperami whilst he talked with enthusiasm and passion about why this oven is the next big thing.  We didn’t need convincing, as it heated up in the garden we could see why.   And within five minutes we went from this:

Pizza ready to cook

To this:

Pizza in a Firepod

Before then ending with this:

Firepod Pizza

As we stood in the garden talking to David about his invention whilst munching on our pizzas it really reminded me of the social side of outdoor dining.  That quite often barbecues are not about the food, but more about a group of people all getting together for the evening.   The Firepod had me envisaging pizza parties, planned in advance with friends invited to come around to cook their own dinner.  But it also had me thinking about that impromptu “fancy coming round in an hour for a pizza?” phone call.

Pizzas cooked with a Firepod

If I could have bought one there and then I would have done, sadly though they aren’t available to buy just yet because David needs to raise enough money to get them produced and shipped from the factory (having already invested thousands in the design and sourcing a production factory etc they are all now ready to go).    So he has started a Kickstarter campaign to do just that and would love for you to pledge, with a promise then that you will get it when they arrive early in the new year.

Should you buy one as a Christmas gift you will get a little box from Firepod with an iou so you have something to give on the day.

They come in four colours, red, aubergine, cream and blue and come with the griddle / oven gloves / pizza peel in fact everything you need to be eating delicious pizzas in your own garden an hour after taking it out of the box (well you might need to rustle up the ingredients for the pizza and nip to the garage to buy the gas cylinder but you get my drift).

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  • Intriguing!
    Sounds – and looks – a very good idea.
    Where does this man live? Somewhere near you?
    We could be very interested.

    • David is based in East Grinstead but drop me an email if you would like me to put you in touch with him. We were discussing sports clubs and post match teas, could be a great way to raise money at social events too!