I first saw #FirstWorldProblems pop up on Twitter.  Tagged on the end of a tweet that was generally either being ironic, or taking the mickey out of somebody who was moaning about something that to them was huge but to readers was, well, a first world problem and, therefore, insignificant.   The idea being, do you really need to tweet saying how unfair it is that your favourite coffee shop has run out of soy milk when half the world doesn’t have clean water?


That doesn’t mean we don’t all find ourselves doing it though. I also find myself using #MiddleClassProblems every now and again, a # so popular it has now been made into a book.   For a week though I was challenged by TyresOnTheDrive to give up moaning.   This was going to be a huge challenge, after all we all know how much I love a grumble.  It follows on from some research they have done into the silly things we moan about which has been made into this infographic:


I was only an hour into my “give up moaning for a week” challenge when I found myself in Tesco saying “how on earth can they have sold out of creme fraiche?!”.   It’s a wonder I didn’t stamp my foot as well to be honest.   And from then on I did find this challenge, well a challenge to be honest.   There seemed to be so many things I found myself about to moan about before I caught myself.

The handles of the supermarket trolley being wet so my hands got cold.

Having to walk the dog in the rain.  Again

The Netflix issue mentioned on the infographic:  really needing to go to bed but also needing to see just one more episode of Making  a Murderer.     That was me several times this week as I got more and more gripped by it.  And then being grumpy because I couldn’t share my thoughts on it with Mr B because I had been watching it when he was at work, why did I do that?

I was doing really well with the challenge and not grumbling at anything I thought was a #FirstWorldProblem until I sat down to watch TV one night and two hours of primetime BBC was devoted to a flipping football match.   That’s what brought on that grumpy face up the top.

But that isn’t really a first world problem is it?  It’s a properly huge problem if you ask me.

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  • I’ve sent your football comment on to FIFA – I believe that they have asked a Mr. S Blatter to respond. It will take a week or two ‘cos he has to negotiate the size of his fee first.
    Seriously though you are 100% correct about the things that we complain about:~ I’m a bit cold at the moment but after a good night’s sleep in a nice warm bed I have eaten a moderate breakfast. How does that compare with the life of a refugee in Syria or in Ukraine or etc. etc.
    Count your blessings and PIPE DOWN all you moaners out there!!