A week in France — Lagrasse

I knew nothing about this medieval village just down the road from Maison de la Roche, expect that we were told we had to visit because it was one of the most beautiful villages in France.  An honour it holds along with 150 other villages who have been deemed Les Plus Beaux Villages de France (less than 2000 inhabitants, a rural character and at least two heritage sites are needed to be in the running for inclusion, all of which Lagrasse can claim)

So with an afternoon to spare after our trip to Narbonne we went and had a nosey.    This is clearly another place that in the summer gets very busy, signs as you enter the village say you must park in the car park, and not on the streets. And to make sure you comply, the parking is free which is a nice touch.

We deliberately didn’t investigate the village online first so we had no pre-planned agenda, we just headed down the path from the car park and sort of followed our noses.  And snapped photos, so I apologise in advance as this is now a photo heavy post because they tell more of the story than I ever could



















I could have photographed doors in this town all day, there were so many gorgeous examples of old ones, brightly coloured ones, ones that were slightly ajar and tempting you to sneak a peek at what was behind.

A truly lovely little village that is well worth a wander if you ever find yourself in the Aude region of France.

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