The Gallery — Back to School

Typical isnt it?  There is always one doing their holiday work at the last minute isnt there?   Well that seems to be me today.   I should have had this post written since Tara announced the theme for The Gallery last Friday.

But here I am at 2pm on Wednesday writing it.   Late.  Very very late.    Sorry Miss.

And as the theme is “Back to School” it is something that is difficult for me to photograph really.   My teens are now too cool to pose for pics in their school uniform.  And their shoes are far from polished and cute.   There are no lined up school bags or lunch boxes, or shiny new pencil cases.   J has a single biro and E is using last term’s.

So above is the photo that symbolises the teens being back at school.   The sofa in their TV room being empty.     Nobody on it.  No lunch bowls or empty crisp packets.

No drinks cans on the floor

No chargers or laptops on the table.

The TV is off.

The room is empty and quiet.

Yep, the kids are back at school


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