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I do love it when the theme for The Gallery is one I have to think about.  Sometimes the theme that Tara sets means a photo pops into my head that I think will be perfect fit.  Sometimes I then can’t find that picture (the perils of being completely disorganised when it comes to photos) and have to use another one but generally speaking I know the picture I am going to use because the theme isnt too abstract.

This one though took a bit of thinking about.   Hmm creative.  Do I have something that screams creative?  Not that I could think of recently.   As much as I have wanted to get out and take pictures there just hasn’t been the time.   I am determined to get out into the woods more and get some autumnal pics and to start using my camera rather than my phone to take pictures.   And also to learn how to use photo editing software a lot more.  There is so much to learn but 2015 is going to be the year I crack taking photos properly, and getting creative.

Which left me with still no pic for this.  And then I remembered a photo I took recently when I was in London seeing Comic Relief.   I was stupidly early and as I came out of Vauxhall tube station spotted a coffee chain who shall not be named as deep down I hate them, but I needed a cup of tea.   Somewhere to kill an hour.  And more importantly, a wee.

Oh and a plug socket because otherwise my phone would be dead within that hour.   Which meant perching on a stool in the window like some lady of dubious morals in Amsterdam at midnight.   Except this was 3pm on a Tuesday in London.

I decided to capture the view from the window as it looked like a great scene.  Alot going on.  Buses.  People.   Taxis.  A bicycle on the railings.   And share it on Instagram as a teaser of “guess where I am?!”   There is often a bit of excitement around meetings at Comic Relief as it means something is happening, plans are about to be announced, and I wanted to share a bit of that excitement.

For some reason though I thought it would be more fun to share it in black and white rather than colour.   I thought it might make a better shot.   Take the colour out of it, to somehow make it look “less busy”, so that you concentrate on what is really in it rather than just being blinded by all the colour, the noise.

What do you think?


It really makes the bike stand out, don’t you think?  And you can no longer really see the bus at all.   And I think the guy leaning on the railings is a bit more obvious too.

I would love to hear your thoughts on which you prefer!

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  • I hadn’t spotted the guy on the railings until I read your post! I love the way the bike stands out and yes, B&W makes it feel very quiet which is the opposite of what it was. Nice one.

  • The black & white takes me back a few decades…. love your take on this week’s gallery.

  • I love the bike in the foreground of the shot, the black and white makes it look more retro somehow while the colour up to date, but then I often feel that about black and white. Love the story behind the photo, happy memories of Comic relief fun. #TheGallery – Creative