The Gallery — Feeling Festive

Are you?  I think I might be.   Presents I have ordered have started to arrive and I starting my planning of Christmas food and goodies.   The spare bed is now my Christmas store as presents get piled on to it and now food and goodies too.  I discovered Lidl this week and we now have more gingerbread and Stollen than should be legal.

So it seems appropriate that the theme for the Gallery this week is feeling festive.    We won’t have a tree this year as we are going away and the traditional day for “tree-putting-up” is Christmas Eve in this house.  None of this first weekend in December nonsense, or even November.    It’s 12 days of Christmas, and they start on Christmas Eve!  And since we won’t be here then we won’t  have a tree.   But that doesn’t mean we don’t have some decorations around the house.

Even E who freely admits is “bah humbug” about it all has grabbed a set of lights I was sent to review and strung them up around her bedroom!  And even tidied her bedroom.   And then let me take a photo!!!  I think she is a bit more excited about Christmas than she is letting on.

I cracked open the mulled wine on Sunday as I sat planning things for the week, it’s amazing how much easier things are when you have a mulled wine in your hand!

This year we are not going overboard on presents as our main present is all going away together for a week to a cottage my parents are paying for in deepest Cornwall.   But we have capped the spending at £20 per person which actually makes things really tricky!  I have been a bit sneaky and organised personalised stockings too.   Here’s a little sneak peek at mine and Mr B’s


So yes, all in all it is starting to feel a bit festive around here.  How about you?  Are you super organised and all done?  Or nipping to the local garage on Christmas Eve?


Christmas lights in E’s bedroom kindly supplied by Notcutts

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  • I love your christmas stocking bags and to spend your christmas in Cornwall is lovely. I like the fairy lights in E’s bedroom (and its VERY tidy) – worth photographing just for that surely?!). i have most the presents sorted but no wrapping is done yet and i need to order my turkey! apart from that, yeah almost there. xx

  • After being rushed into hospital a few years ago before I had time to do anything, I am now well organised. The last present arrived through the post this morning, cards are written, ready to be posted tomorrow, and as we are out for dinner on Xmas day, I don’t have to get an awful lot of food, that will be bought next Thursday, as I flatly refuse to go near a food on 23rd or 24th December.

    If I forget later on, a very happy Christmas to you and your family.

  • You sound rather more organised than me 🙂 Although I have finally posted (almost) all of the overseas presents! Decorating the tree today, hoping that will make me feel a little more festive 🙂

  • Aaah good old Lidl! They (and Aldi too) do a great line in cheap, delicious Christmas goods – staples for this year, and last, in our house! I’m completely disorganised this year. And, annoyingly, I’ve missed (or have double-booked) all the local school Christmas fayres, which is where we usually pick up a load of second-hand (but still lovely) stocking filler toys for our two….btw I’m loving your lights – will they become a permanent fixture?