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We had the most amazing Christmas last year, away in a holiday cottage in Cornwall with my parents, my inlaw, my granny, three teens and Miss C’s boyfriend D.   It was brilliant.  Enough space for all to spread out but around the roaring fire (that my dad proudly kept lit all week) it felt cosy and like a home from home.     Soon after we got back Team Honk kicked off and I never really got a chance to blog about Cornwall which is a shame as I loved the area, loved the village we stayed in and really wanted to do a post on the cottage for the owners.

But when I saw that the Gallery theme this week was the Great Outdoors it seemed an ideal opportunity to use one or two of the pictures I took whilst we were there.

I love the beach.   Not necessarily lying on it, I am no sun worshipper, but the sound of the sea crashing on rocks is something I could listen to all day.   I could sit on the beach and just watch the sea coming in and going out for hours on end.    And the Cornish coast line is some of the most stunning I have ever seen.   Little coves where you can really believe that pirates came in after dark.   Wide open beaches that are packed with surfers at the height of summer.

We were there in December so the beaches were mostly deserted which was heaven but really made me want to come back.    This was our second time to that part of the world and I really hope it won’t be our last.


Can you believe the first two pictures are taken in December?!

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  • I LOVE Cornwall, but have only ever been in the height of summer (back there for our annual holiday in a few weeks). We often talk about going there for Christmas, but have never made it happen. How fantastic to go away with your entire family 🙂

  • Love Cornwall here too and have been lucky enough to visit at different times throughout the year. Christmas in a holiday cottage by the sea would be my idea of heaven. So happy to hear that you all had a fabulous time.

  • Agreed – an amazing week! Full marks to those who conceived and supported the project and made it work. Whether frail or flawed I know everyone enjoyed it with being carried in a wheelchair up and DOWN a steep flight of some 40+ outside steps or struggling up 18 steps indoors assisted by a home made “rope” top of my personal memories! Apart, that is, from the fun and family friendship which lubricated the weekend. How to follow that!!!!

  • Amazing how many people use the beach as their idyllic place. Who needs to spend hundreds on therapy; you have it in the waves and the sand dunes right there