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It was thanks to a suspected broken collar bone that I got to take the above pic.   E had fallen badly on a trampoline two weeks before and after a detour to the local A&E department on the way home from school they confirmed after an X-Ray that it wasn’t broken.   That it would require a follow up appointment two weeks later in the Fracture Clinic though.   Which is how I found myself driving to school a couple of weeks ago three hours later than usual and down a different road.

This is a no through road that really I shouldn’t have been on as it goes past a very posh prep school who probably own the road and don’t want it used a cut through to the other school down the road.   Oops.   I won’t tell if you don’t.

The light coming through the trees was so beautiful that I had to stop.  In the middle of the road.   And take this picture.    I love how the light makes you look straight to the far end of the road.   Drawing you through the shadier parts into the real sunshine.   I love these sorts of shots and particularly when taken at this time of year, there really is something magical about autumn sunshine, isn’t there?

About the light it creates, and the shadows that form.   I have far too many photos like this on my phone!

How about you?  What’s you favourite kind of light?

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  • That’s a gorgeous scene and one I adore when I’m back in the UK visiting my folks. The tunnels of trees, winding along country lanes, and so beautiful – especially in autumn.

    Glad to hear the collar bone wasn’t broken too!

  • I knew this road immediately! Beautiful spot down there isn’t it? We regularly take a stroll down there with the pooch – very naughty that you were in the car!

  • This is so inviting! We have a similar, if narrower, stretch near our house, and it comes into its own at this time of year. Beautiful x #thegallery

  • I like the depth that picture, my eye follows the road to the end of the tunnel every time I look at it. I can’t not do it. It is a great picture. (cheeky but great!)