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I look out of the living room window at this time of year and vow that we will get our garden sorted this year.  There is nothing really wrong with it, it just needs a bit of tlc.  And at this time of year it looks even more neglected than usual.   The grass is too long, there are leaves from the trees on the grass, there are weeds, it just needs a few hours of hard slog to sort it out.

This year more than ever it looks a disaster, it is boggy, there are pools of water in the flower beds.  We have two fence panels down that can’t be repaired yet as the ground is too wet to pour concrete yet.

It makes me sad to look at it.  I want it looking, lovely, tidy, summery.   I want to be sitting on the lawn reading a book.  Seeing a table laden with barbecue food and us all around it having dinner and some fun.

Yet despite all of this, amongst the fallen leaves, just to the side of a big soggy puddle are bulbs poking up.  New life is sprouting up.  It shows that spring is just around the corner.   As we scrape our cars in the morning the knowledge that it won’t be for long now.   Spring is in touching distance.



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  • Love this – you’re so right, looking outside now, it feels so far away but it’s really not that far at all xx

  • Wouldn’t it be lovely to just wiggle your nose and all those jobs would be magically done for you?
    Good to see those new shoots. Not long now!

  • That is the happiest post! I couldn’t stop smiling at those shoots. I’m so desperate for spring now!

  • I love the shoots! I feel the same looking at my garden at the moment. The wind and flods are so bad that there is no point sorting it yet but it is frustrating. “Things” are blown around and I have sorted it lots of times only for the same thing to happen. I’m looking forward to pretty, frosty days and then Sunny Spring xxx

  • Oh I hope you’re right and spring isn’t too far away, although we’ll probably have snow in a few weeks!! #thegallery

  • I love it when you see new shoots appear – life springing from nowhere despite the horrid weather!