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The Theme for the Gallery this week has a real meaning behind it and is something I very much take for granted.   Tara has picked “Eyes” as she is supporting the #SeeTheMiracle campaign where Sightsavers are trying to raise £30 Million by 2018.   Tara explains why here:

Today a man in Africa is having surgery on his eyes because he desperately needs it. If he can’t see he can’t work and that will mean his family go hungry.
Winesi and his family live in Milaw. He has been blind for two years. In a few months their food stores will dry up and his whole family will suffer.
But today he is having a simple cataract operation which will completely change his life. The operation costs just £30 – a small amount to us maybe, but it’s a price he and many many more like him, could never afford.

£30.   Thirty quid is all it takes to change his life.  His family’s life.

I had eye surgery when I was little.  Twice.  On the NHS, at no cost to my family  and it corrected my vision fairly pretty instantly.  Something I take for granted.   As I do the ability to put on my glasses, or order contact lenses online at the click of a mouse.   What I was paying for a month’s supply of contact lenses is all it would take to change Winesi’s life.

There is more information on the website “A million miracles”    And as this blog post goes live, as I sit in front of my computer, a man I have never met on the other side of the world is about to have the bandages removed after his surgery, live on a Google Hangout.  He will see for the first time in two years.

How incredible is that?

Do head over the website, and if you are able to, make a donation.   Is there any greater gift than sight?

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