The Gallery — Sunday morning

Lazy like a Sunday morning.  That’s how the song goes isnt it?  And Sunday morning is the theme for The Gallery this week.

To be honest our Sunday morning this week was rather lazy.   And a bit weird.  You see we woke up in the Malmaison Hotel in Reading, having stayed there after our night in Henley.

Now I love waking up in hotels but I have a bit of a beef about some of them.    First of all, is it really beyond the whit of man to have more than one tea bag each?  A lazy Sunday morning away from home should be about sitting in bed drinking tea and reading the paper.   Though I should point out at least this hotel delivered the complimentary paper to the door.   When we stayed in the Madjeski last weekend, a) they charged for it, and b) we had to pick up from reception when we checked out.  Well what is the bloomin’ point in that?!

So anyway, tea bags.   Yes.  I want a couple of them.  And I want fresh milk.  I don’t want UHT in a poxy pot.

Oh and another thing.   Would it be possible do you think to have a kettle I can fill from the sink, rather than the bath?  Hmmmmm?  This clearly isn’t working, is it?


This Sunday morning though, it was all about the wooden bath.

A bath

Made of wood

And in our bedroom

Not that bathroom

But the bedroom

So whilst I lay in bed catching up on GQ magazine Mr B had a wooden bath whilst drinking tea.

We will gloss over the fact it was in the bay window and above a busy shopping street because it all starts to sound a bit Amsterdam.   But as Sunday mornings go, I can think of worse ways to spend it.

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