The Gallery — #WIDN

I love this game on Instagram.   If you don’t know it, you get tagged by somebody who uploads a picture of “What I’m Doing Now”.   You then photograph that, upload it, and then tag three other people and use the same #WIDN tag.   I smiled when I saw that it was the theme for The Gallery this week too!

Well what am I doing right now?  It is Sunday morning as I write this and I just nipped over to Tara’s blog to find out the theme as I enjoyed a quick cup of tea.   I have an hour of blogging to do before we go out for the day to Ascot.   I like to get posts scheduled for the week so I know where I am, and if I need to dig out a photo for this post, start rummaging.

But no rummaging needed!!   The photograph above has just been taken.  Hot off the press.    I have my laptop.   I have tea.   I have the Malaysia Grand Prix on in the background.   It is 9.30am on Sunday.   Washing is on, dog is walked, kitchen has been cleaned.   It might be Mother’s Day but I live with a family who don’t really do mornings and the dog does.

Though I am now just about to go and wake them all up and give them the good news that we are leaving the house in an hour.

Now, that you really don’t want to see.


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