Gin of the Month — December — Blogger Gin

The gin of the month for December is really rather special.  It is Blogger Gin.  Made by bloggers, for bloggers.  And when I say made by bloggers, I actually mean me!    Not on my own of course, with the help with a great bunch of people who I have affectionately named the A Team (which makes me Mrs T by the way) and whom I want to thank.

First of all Adam at the Gin Parlour who I have been chatting to for years on Twitter.  Who took some of our musings over gin and ran with them, to such an extent that he then set up the Gin Parlour.  It is weird that we only finally met for the first time last month, after all this time.   Without Adam saying “yes, of course I can help” Blogger Gin would never have become a reality.   He didn’t think I was a lunatic when I said I wanted to do it a year ago, and he introduced me to the distillers that would help it all become a reality.  He is also custodian of the bottles and sends them out wrapped in inflatable duvets with a hand written note.

Namely Bottomley Distillery, Adam and Amy, who already produce the amazing Lincs Pin Gin.  An amazing gin that is made in a still in their garage.   If you ever get a chance to try out the gin, do, it really is fabulous.

Then there is lovely (though bonkers) Alice who accompanied me on the road trip to Lincolnshire and let me stay overnight in her chalet in between the distillation and the bottling.    And who also helped with the bottling.

And last but not least, Annie, for taking the incredible photo above and writing about my gin on her blog, thank you.

Not in the “A Team” but also involved in bringing the bottles to life is Oliver McQuitty who designed the artwork for me, ensuring that when I said “I want it simple” he didn’t make it look dull.   If you ever need a graphic designer, give him a shout.

If you would like to buy some gin that has been described as:

….actually really bloody good


feisty, heartwarming and spicy – just like its creator. I love it!

You can buy it here:

 Blogger Gin at the Gin Parlour


I am also launching #Ginmas today.   Something I did last year and loved, so have decided to do it again.  Each day throughout December I will feature one gin over on Instagram at 6pm.   With a little bit about the gin, either who made it, what is in it, what to serve it with.    Then each week I will do a round up post too.   Here is the post I wrote about it last year if you want to know a bit more:

Mummy Barrow does #Ginmas

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