Gin of the month — February — Ungava

Gin of the month for February is Ungava

I admit,  publishing my gin of the month post for February at 10am on a Monday morning is pushing the limits of acceptable behaviour, even by my standards.   By rights it should be a weekend post, or a Friday night one maybe.  Not 10am on a Monday morning.   But hear me out.

I have been trying to publish this post since the 1st of February as I am loving this gin this month, it really isn’t like any other gin and I fell in love with it when I first tasted it back in Deal at the back end of last year.  Not only does it taste like no other gin, it looks like no other since it is bright yellow.    And then quite by coincidence Jonnie bought this bottle for me for Christmas, complete with its own little woolly jacket to show its Canadian roots.

The reason why I thought about it and more specifically this post is because if I ever was going to grab a gin at 10am in the morning today would have been it.  But rest easy, I didn’t, I haven’t even had a cup of tea yet.  I KNOW.  10 AM AND NO TEA.   It is that kind of a day.  So I am having this gin by osmosis.   Why?  Well thank you for asking dear reader, I shall tell you why.

We went away for the weekend and that means that I need to sort things out when we return.  Not because the house has been trashed, that never happens, but stuff just needs doing.  And putting back where it belongs.  Like my laptop which I had moved.  The charging cables for cameras and phones, back to their rightful homes so I dont have to remember which bag I left them in and when.   Laundry done etc.  Which means getting up before work.

Before working from home, having read an article this morning that said anybody who works from home is basically skiving.   Yeah because I skive for 10 hours a day as I sit behind my desk working from home.   I might have to write a response to that vacuous piece of reporting but suffice to say at 6am this morning it made me rage.

Yes, 6am I got up because I couldn’t sleep on account of having buggered my shoulder this weekend.  I have no idea how but buggered it is and hit hurts whenever I move my head.  Or back.  Or shoulder.  Or hip.

Which is nice.

So there I am getting up at 6am because Mr B has been working from home (another skiver?  I think not Mrs Journalist writing in teh Daily Mail) for ten days due to him having the  worst cough and cold.   He said yesterday that he would be going in today so as I lay awake at 5.30am I thought that if I got up and showered it would mean he could shower when he got up at 6.30am.  We have the luxury of more than one bathroom but not the luxury of being able to run two hot taps at the same time.

Which meant by 6.30am I was up, showered, dressed and ready for the world.

And when I say world I mean pile of dog poo on the kitchen floor, left neatly next to the pile of cat vomit.

Which is nice.

That dealt with and time ticking on I thought “hmm haven’t heard Mr B, wonder if he forgot to set his alarm” and went to give him a nudge.    For him to tell me he is working from home again.  He was awake coughing during the night and feels rubbish (I won’t say he looks rubbish as that would be cruel but trust me, he doesn’t sound or look brilliant).

Which meant I could have stayed in bed

And not been faced with various animal bodily fluids at an ungodly hour.

Or done two loads of washing and loaded the dishwasher by 7.30am.

Oh and cleared the fridge of random leftovers that I now can’t work out what they are, or indeed were.

And been told that because I work from home I am a skiver.

So cheers.  Here is to Ungava, a gorgeous almost creamy gin that had me sniffing it and retasting it as I tried to work out what the flavours were.   It is made with six botanicals foraged in the summer when the snow melts.   Some of them I have heard of, such as rosehips, but I have never heard of Labrador Tea or Cloudberries.     Have you?

It’s a really unique gin and one that no gin collection should be without.

So much so it is in fact the U in my A to Z of gin



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