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One word.  Yep, golf.  I have never had a desire to play golf.  Ever.  My parents play it.  Regularly.  My husband plays it. Not as regularly as he would like, admittedly.  But one of his birthday presents last year was golf club membership so it is safe to say he enjoys playing.

Daughter’s boyfriend plays.  Even daughter plays.   And now I think about it, son and other daughter have both played too (even had lessons at school).

But not me.   I have no desire to follow any of them on to the course.  To spend four hours smacking a white ball in front of me and then following it for about five miles.   I mean seriously?

Nope you will never find me venturing towards a golf course at the weekend

Except when it is suggested that we all go to Top Golf for a couple of games on Caity’s birthday.   They go regularly and I must admit I was intrigued as to how you could possibly play golf along side a bunch of other people whilst standing in a bay.

The concept sounds ridiculous and provided I didn’t have to hit a ball, I was in.   We were all in.  That’s the beauty of TopGolf, it is suitable for all ages and even, if like me, you don’t want to play you can still go along and join in.   We even mused over whether there are lifts so we can get granny in her wheelchair along with us next time.

So how DOES it work?   Well you rock up and register at reception, and pay for the number of games you would like (each game is 20 balls) and preload money on to your membership card.  Bruce hadn’t been before so had to join up, which took seconds, the others had all been before so just added more money to their cards and paid for our two games.   Cards are then swiped so their system knows who is in your group.

If a bay is available you can go straight out, and if one isn’t then you can wait in the bar or mooch in the American Golf store.   They take a mobile number and you get a text to tell you which bay is yours when it is your turn.   Clearly weekends are busy so bear that in mind.   We got there early and went straight out.

There are two levels of bays (and over 60 in total so its a lot of people all playing golf!) and each one has a table and chairs, and a heater.  All are covered so this truly is an all weather affair.    Table service also means you can enjoy food and drink in your bay too.

And for the purposes of research I did just that.  You know, for you.   To let you know what it is like.   This is the Top Golf breakfast:

Top Golf Breakfast

They do just a bacon bap if you wanted something smaller, or there are burgers and sweet things too.

As for the golf, well you can either take your own clubs or you can use on of the clubs in the bay.   You have your own bucket of balls and when it is your turn (as displayed on the screen in your bay) you put your ball through the hopper and it is “marked” as yours electronically.

Then you take aim and hit it into one of the marked areas out on the course.   Obviously the ones further away are worth more points, and the bullseye centre of each one is worth more again.    Your score is then registered on the screen so you can see how you are all doing.

Top Golf

All this means that it doesn’t really matter how good you are.   Or indeed how bad.  Or how old.   Bays alongside ours were full of families with small children, all playing alongside each other.  Not holding anybody up as they rummage around in the bushes looking for a ball.   All cheering each other on as balls fly onto the course.

Top Golf

Top Golf birthday party

I must admit I was very taken with the ball collecting truck.  I want that job.   Scooting around course scooping up all the balls, it did feel a bit like he was painting the Forth Road Bridge at times.

TopGolf Surrey

It took us a couple of hours for all five of us to get through two games (and me to get through three cups of tea)  and we had so much fun.   The scores didn’t even matter (though Mr B will tell you that his score of 158 which put him 4th on the leader board of all players for the day absolutely matters).

If you want to find our more then all the info is here:  Top Golf Surrey

Still doesn’t make me want to play but I might be persuaded to have another breakfast

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  • Not seen this outfit before – nor heard of it.
    It looks fun, is healthy AND very economic in terms of land use.
    Lady B has checked via Google and tells me there are three Top Golf sites in the UK AT PRESENT.
    Active or planned – I forget – but I think the concept is very good and could work almost anywhere.
    I imagine it will prove very profitable as well? Can we buy shares in it?
    Can we take a franchise?
    Come on Sherlock, Let’s be knowing!

    • You need a BIG piece of land. And if we bought shares in it I would never see Mr B. He would be constantly “checking his investment”. Seriously great fun though and please add it to the list of things we have to do when you are next down. I am sure we can organise for you to play whilst seated.

      • I do some of my most concentration needing work when seated.
        Don’t think Golf would be possible though.
        Tiny advances in technique continue – but TINY!
        Nice thought, but no.